Are you looking for an easy way to advertise your business? Look no further than brochures. You can tell potential customers a lot about your business on a tiny piece of paper.

There are a vast majority of ways for you to distribute them. You can mail them, give them out with freebies at an event, or leave them around the office.

You can print them and order them in bulk, which also makes them cost-effective. All these benefits will be for nothing if you make common brochure design mistakes, however.

Nobody wants a brochure that’s difficult to read. Keep reading to learn how to avoid certain design pitfalls.

1. Having Too Much Clutter

There are many types of brochures out there, and they all have one thing in common. They don’t give you a lot of space to deliver your message to your target audience.

In an attempt to combat this, many business owners choose to load a bunch of things into the design. They want to tell customers about all their services and have a custom graphic and font for each one.

While many people think that contemporary interiors are minimalist and cold, in today’s houses, only contemporary elements can escalate the comfort quotient without contributing to clutter.

What they end up with is a mess that nobody can read. You’ve got to focus on one or two services for your brochure. That will stop things from getting too disorganized.

2. Poorly Chosen Fonts

The general rule of thumb is if you have to squint to read a font, it’s not a good font to use for your advertising. Your customers aren’t going to have better luck reading it than you.

Our advice is to stay away from those fancy handwritten styled fonts. If you do want to do something different, use brochure font sizes that will make the text a little easier to read.

3. Your Photos Are Pixilated

The photos on brochures are almost as important as the text. They exist to highlight your message and drive your point home. They can’t do that if they’re of poor quality.

Pixilated images make your company look cheap. Cheesy stock photos look stiff and unnatural. Your target audience won’t really be able to connect with them.

4. Failing to Bring In the Experts

In an effort to save money, many business owners will make their own marketing materials instead of calling in a professional brochure designer. For some companies, this method works.

For others, not so much.

The professionals make their living by creating marketing materials. They’ll know how to highlight the message of the brochure.

They’re aware of which photos rock and which ones fizzle out. You can view here to learn more.

Common Brochure Design Mistakes to Avoid

Brochures are the most cost-effective marketing materials that you can use. You can print them off in bulk and distribute them in a multitude of ways.

No matter how cheap they are, though, if you make common brochure design mistakes, you’ll lose money. Take plenty of time to think over your design decisions, and if all else fails, call in the experts.

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