A family vacation may mean more to your child’s developing brain than you ever thought before. Recent research shows travel helps kids develop language skills, empathy, and intelligence.

Even better, they create happy core memories to rely on forever!

A family-friendly trip isn’t all laughs and smiles, though. It’s often stressful for parents who have to plan the whole ordeal. If you’re traveling soon, then we want to help. Read on to discover our top tips to travel with kids in 2022.

1. Plan Vacation Activities for Kids

The best travel tips for families don’t begin once you’re out the door. Instead, the best tips bring you all the way back to your planning phase.

To ensure your vacation is fun for all, you need to plan vacation activities for kids. Don’t attempt to bring your kids along for massages or winery tours. They’ll get bored, and you’ll get frustrated.

Instead, look for activities and destinations that are inclusive. Consider your family’s preferences and needs. One day, you can sell DVC with DVC shop in exchange for an adult vacation. But, for now, you need to think of the kids, too.

Doing this in advance will prevent a vacation disaster that no one enjoys.

2. Create a Comprehensive Packing List

The next thing you need to do to make sure your vacation goes well is to pack well! It will be a major roadblock if you show up at your hotel without the essentials you need.

You’ll end up making a run to a nearby store. That might not sound too bad for people without kids, but parents know how difficult this task can get!

Make sure to bring things that will make your child comfortable, too. Simple items, like a favorite toy or blanket, can make them happier.

3. Prepare for Common Inconveniences

Next, prepare for common inconveniences throughout your trip. For instance, if you’re driving, then make sure to prepare to stop for regular bathroom breaks. Bring snacks for the expected bored hunger pains your kids will likely have.

If you’re flying, then have a plan in place if your child becomes unruly. No one wants to be the parent who has to fight their toddler to keep their mask on!

4. Stay Calm and Carry On

Rather than expecting things to go as smooth as butter, prepare for the bumps. Have plans in place in case you get frustrated. Lean on your partner for help when you start to get overwhelmed.

Most importantly, stay calm and carry on.

You are on vacation, after all!

So, let go of the stress and drama and enjoy your vacation, mama!

Tips to Travel With Kids in 2022

Planning a vacation before the pandemic was hard enough. Now, it’s even more stressful! The good news is that you can use the above tips to travel with kids and still have a good time.

We promise that the benefits of traveling far outweigh the stress of doing so.

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