Are you a fan of all things scary and spooky, or just plain eerie? Pack your bags and join us for a summer of spooky adventures. Ghost towns make for the perfect vacation spot for those looking for an exciting getaway. We have the ideal destination in mind: Portlock Alaska. This remote village is located on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula.

How did this remote village turn into a ghost city? Portlock was once a bustling village. Now, it’s a few rotting homes and the village is gone.

The Aleut have lived on the southernmost tip of the Kenai Peninsula for hundreds and centuries, but no settlement was established in the area around Portlock until 1780. The area was once a thriving one, but it was abandoned in 1950. Most locals moved to nearby villages.

According to local legend, a hairy creature stalked and assaulted residents constantly, killing them and leaving their corpses behind. Everyone was forced to leave the area. Keep reading to learn about the horrifying history of Portlock.

What happened to Big Foot in Portlock Alaska?

Portlock Alaska history is quite interesting. Portlock, at the dawn of the 20th century, was a vibrant and active community. It was known for its salmon-canneries. Nathaniel Portlock was an English fur-trader and naval officer who inspired the name of this town.

Nathaniel Portlock was thought to have landed here. Some reports mention that Nathaniel Portlock may have skipped Portlock, and anchored near Cook Inlet upstream.

Portlock has been plagued by a simple mystery. A second mystery was so haunting that it caused all the residents of Portlock to either be murdered or flee for their lives.

What happened in Portlock?

Alaska, also known as Nantinaq land or Sasquatch Land in Portlock and the surrounding area, is considered by locals to be Bigfoot’s home. The half-beast/half-man creature has been blamed for almost everything that goes wrong in the community. Initial victims were found with wounds that did not suggest a bear attack. Then came stories of haunting incidents in the Chrome mine and Chatham Bay.

In 1949, Portlock residents had moved to nearby villages, leaving only the postmaster in charge of the threat. By 1951, the village post office was officially closed and even the postmaster gave up.

Where is Portlock Alaska located?

Where is Portlock Alaska located? Portlock is located in Port Chatham Bay. It is situated approximately 16 miles south of Seldovia, on the southernmost tip of the Kenai Peninsula. Seldovia, a small fishing village in Alaska is only accessible by boat or air.

Can You Visit Portlock Alaska?

Does anyone still live in Portlock Alaska today? Can you visit Portlock Alaska now?

Portlock is not a place where people live. How can I get to Portlock then? It’s not easy. Portlock is beautiful, but it’s also very far away. You are pretty much alone in Portlock, regardless of whether you believe the stories about Bigfoot. The weather in mid-summer is generally good but accompanied by heavy rains along the coast.

15 Facts About The Portlock Alaska Murders That Will Scare You

Portlock Alaska’s history will make anyone who plans to visit this place quake in their boots. These stories are truly terrifying and creepy. These stories all mention a large hairy beast and small hairy devils that move around in packs. They also discuss several unsolved crimes, as well as a wailing ghost wandering around the wilderness.

In the 1930s, strange things started to happen in Portlock. A logger, out performing his usual duties, was struck by logging gear that was too heavy for one person to carry. A few days later he was found dead, just meters from the equipment.

1. The first victim was a lone logger:

The Portlock Alaska murders began in the 1930s, when the first victim died on the spot. Andrew Kamuck, who was performing his daily logging duties, was struck by something or someone in the head.

Andrew Kamuck was struck by a huge piece of logging machinery. This equipment was thought to be too heavy for a single individual to lift. Here was the birth of Portlock’s mystery.

2. Andrew Kamuck’s Head Was Bashed:

The mystery became clear when locals arrived at the scene of Andrew Kamuck’s murder. The fact that Kamuck’s skull was bashed with the heavy logging machinery was shocking. This discovery raised so many questions, and almost no one had any answers.

3. The body of a logger was discovered only 10 feet from the equipment:

The locals were shocked when they discovered Kamuck’s corpse. The equipment was covered in blood, making it impossible to lift and strike the logger. It was even more shocking to see the body of the logger lying just ten feet away from the equipment.

4. Locals Blamed Big Foot:

Portlock Alaska locals began to feel fear. In the 1920s another man was killed by a mysterious creature only ten years ago.

The locals in Portlock, Alaska were gripped by fear. In the 1920s a man was murdered by an unknown creature. Back then, several locals had only feared one creature.

5. The Lady in Black Could Also Have Been the Murderer

Locals had another theory about who the killer was besides Big Foot. Natives blamed the murders in Portlock Alaska on the ghost of a woman dressed in black.

According to legend, the woman appeared on a cliff above town wearing a long dress with a back that trailed behind her. The woman had a white complexion and a scream that was uncontrollable, as well as a moaned.

6. The Man Who Was Deadly Blown By A Mythical Creature

In the 1920s the locals were told a tale about a man who was struck by a mythical creature. Albert Petka was named as the victim.

7. Albert died a few days after his encounter with a mystical creature:

Albert survived the fatal blow by a mythical creature and did not die instantly like the victim next to him in the 1930s. Albert survived and lived to tell about it. After a few weeks, Albert died of the fatal blow.

8. Hunters Find Giant Footprints and Blood Tracks

A group of hunters were stalking a large moose after the murder of a single logger when they discovered something shocking. The hunters were able find large footprints, but dismissed them as those of a big animal.

9. The Local Who Faced The Beast:

The creature killing people in Portlock Alaska was seen and reported as time went on. This huge, hairy creature destroying equipment was even seen by one man. The man described the creature as looking like a devil. The witness rushed to grab his weapon, only to find that the creature left without hurting him.

10. There were several missing people:

Residents of Portlock, Alaska began to worry about their situation. The majority of men in Portlock worked as loggers and trappers on the cliffs. Multiple men went about their normal duties, but were never seen again. People have gone missing in strange circumstances.

11. Bodies, Bodies, And More Bodies:

The fear of Big Foot grew as more locals made discoveries. The bodies of missing persons were discovered at different locations in the village. Some bodies wash into the bay by the rivers that feed them while others are left on the ground. The bodies are often in a deplorable condition.

12. The badly mutilated missing body of a hunter:

The locals in Portlock, Alaska were shocked to discover another discovery. Everyone was worried when a hunter went on a hunting trip in the area and did not return. The search team was sent immediately to find the missing hunter. The team discovered the body of the missing hunter in a nearby creek.

13. The departure of the Russian Aleuts and other residents:

Portlock was populated primarily by Russian Aleuts. Several people took action in response to the terror and horror that was raging around Portlock. Since the events in the region were becoming more and more devastating, the Russian Aleuts decided to leave their village for an entire year.

14. Three Dozen Murders In Portlock Alaska:

Authorities and locals were shocked by the Portlock Alaska murders. The murders were the subject of many theories, making the entire thing very sensational. Over the past two decades, there have been over thirty murders.

15. The Unsolved Murder Mystery of Portlock Alaska

Since the first murder in Portlock village, there have been investigations, but with no success.

Portlock’s murders remain unsolved. History buffs and locals have theories but nothing has been confirmed. These stories are chilling for anyone planning to visit this area.

Reddit to the Rescue

Reddit user talks about the reality of Portlock, Alaska. The user, who went by the name Pocket Weasel UK wrote: As part of my mission to dispel myths about cryptids I need to tell you about Portlock in Alaska. Portlock is also known as Port Chatham and is an abandoned Alaskan town. According to folklore, the town was abandoned because of bigfoot attacks. The bodies of people who went into the forest were later found.