The last week of December is an excellent time to visit Dubai and revel in the vivid carnivals and splendid events conducted around the location. Visitors and tourists can enjoy their Christmas and New Year along the Dubai destination with breath-taking watersports and magnanimous landmarks and attractions to catch around the city. Couples and partners can thoroughly relish their time in the magnificent city of Dubai and engage in vivid activities around them to spend some cozy and cherished time together. A distinct list of seven important destinations for couples and partners to visit during the last week of December is portrayed below for the reader’s interest.


7 exciting places to visit with partners in Dubai during the last week of December

There are several places to visit in Dubai with partners during Christmas and New Year, and seven of the most appealing places for visitation are listed below for informational purposes.

Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is an exotic place for couples and partners to enjoy while rent yacht in Dubai Marina. Take a trip down to the Persian Gulf and glare at the amazing glitter and illumination of the city around you. Relax and soothe at the serene ambiance around the Arabian Gulf and rejoice over the sumptuous dining arrangements served around the cruises here. Various thrilling watersports are also conducted for the couples to spend quality time with each other at the Dubai Marina Zone.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is another region famous for the romantic dhow cruises with partners along the Dubai Canal waterway. Partners and couples can spend a great time together on these lavish cruises and enjoy the vibrant sights of the Dubai neighborhood from aboard the vessels. Explore an opulent variety of gastronomical delights offered for the customers here, with refreshing drinks and desserts included. Enjoy the ambiance of the interiors with soothing music that can freshen up any individual’s mood at the luxury dhow cruises here in Dubai.

Al-Lahbab Desert

Visit the Al Lahbab desert destination and immerse yourself in a magnificent desert safari tour with partners. There is a huge demand of New Year Desert Safari in Dubai, so it is advisable to reserve the ticket in advance. Enthrall yourself in the splendid sight of the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset here before engaging in the adventure activities conducted around the region. Camel rides, quad biking, dune buggy rides, and dune bashing are a few important activities conducted here to entertain the guests. Later, the guests are accompanied to their respective Bedouin-themed camps present in the desert to immerse themselves in some authentic and traditional Arabian cuisines along the way. Individuals would also get the option of a live Tanoura dance performance along with a night BBQ campfire party here at the Al Lahbab desert in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Partners and couples can spend their time around the Burj Khalifa location in Dubai and engage in the vivid activities conducted here during the last week of December. Visit the towering complex and engage in shopping activities at the numerous retail stores and shops present along the premises here. Couples can also gorge on the sumptuous delicacies and treats offered at the lavish hotels and restaurants around the location here. The fireworks show is an exciting event to catch here along the Burj Khalifa premises and is known to be an opulent show worldwide. An observatory is also present along the 144th level of the complex that reflects a great sight of the vivid landmarks around with the astonishing Dubai skyline in the distance.

Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is again an appealing destination for guests and tourists to visit during the last week of December in Dubai. Couples and partners can mostly enjoy the location here, with the amazing setting of the musical fountain spouting water while dancing along to the tunes and the light projection system. The mesmerizing sight of the fountain with lights and music can simply create a romantic backdrop for couples and partners to cherish their time together.

Ski Dubai

Couples and partners can take a trip to the Ski Dubai location at the Mall of Emirates in Dubai in the last week of December and enjoy the snowy environment around them. Slide and roll down the snow-capped mounds and hills around the location, or check out the playful Gentoo and King penguins waving along. Couples who love thrills and adventure sports can avail themselves of the chairlift and reach the ski resort for an immersive skiing time together. Hot beverages are available for guests here at the Avalanche café located around the destination here in Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach

Another great location for couples and partners to enjoy is Jumeirah Beach here in Dubai. This place is known for the Christmas and New Year activities conducted here, with beach parties and BBQ campfires at the location. Individuals and couples can indulge in the exciting watersports conducted around the region or take a cozy walk around the coastline promenades here. Luxury dining and lounging facilities are available around the region, with exotic dishes and refreshments to try around the location here in Dubai.

Bottom Line

To wrap up, these are the seven appealing places for couples and partners to visit during the last week of December in Dubai. Partners and couples can also check for the proper timing of the events concluded at the places and get their tickets booked to avoid any hassle midway. Check with the authorities to know about the availability of tickets and rates along the Dubai locations.