Tan gives an instant confidence boost. It not only hides the skin imperfections but also gives a glow from within. There are many stories, both good and bad, about a spray tan. Many people are scared of getting spray-tanned only due to the fear of becoming a victim of the tanning disaster. Getting a spray tan is not as scary as it seems, but only if you follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks. So before you transform into the bold bronzed goddess, here are a few tips to consider.

Prepare your skin for the showdown.

Prepping the skin in advance is one of the most crucial steps. The fact that your skin will be bronzed for an adequate amount of time means that you need to keep the base as smooth as possible. So start with shaving off your face. But do that in advance, do not wait for the eleventh hour. After you are done shaving, you need to exfoliate your face well so that your skin has no bumps in it; otherwise, you will experience a patchy, uneven tan. Lastly, moisturize your body as well as your face well. Tan on dry skin will not result in glowy skin. Once you prepare your skin in the above way, you will experience the best natural spray tan.

Paint your nails beforehand

Never say yes to a manicure and pedicure after the spray tan. Once you are done with the process from tanning salons in OKC, you need time to embrace the change. And because manicure and pedicure involve using a nail paint remover, soaking your fingers, etc., this can destroy the tan and make it uneven. Hence paint your nails and get done with your pedicure in advance. Do not keep it for afterward. Spray tanning will not affect the color of your nail paint, so you do not have to worry about it.

Wear loose, dark clothes

Confused about your saloon dress? If you wonder what you must wear as you head to the saloon, the answer is loose dark-colored clothes. The reason behind this is that you do not want to get your clothes ruined with the color. To experience the best spray tan in OKC, you must avoid wearing anything light. Always wear black to the saloon because black is stainless. Secondly, by wearing a body-fitted dress, there are chances of your dress creasing out the freshly applied tan. Hence wear an as airy and comfortable dress as possible. It won’t make your tan uneven or patchy. Also, avoid wearing any jewelry to the saloon for the same reason.

Skip the makeup

The next tip is again about the skin. Avoid using any makeup as you head towards the saloon. Keep your skin as natural as possible. The fact that makeup tends to close your pores and make them dry and uneven is something you need to consider. You need to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated because dry skin can be a real pain while getting yourself tanned. You might get a patchy tan due to the unmoisturized skin. To experience the best natural spray tan, do not take any chance while pampering your skin.

The tips mentioned above are essential and should be considered before getting a spray tan. We hope you have the best experience as you turn into a bronzed goddess.