As the economic recovery enters full swing and businesses of all stripes begin to record revenue growth, many entrepreneurs are taking stock of their assets and their future. For some, a successful business venture is a sign that it’s time to take things to the next level and expand. One hugely effective way to do this is to franchise your business.

A record number of American entrepreneurs are now launching a business franchise of their own, with many seeing considerable success as a result. By franchising your business, you can grow your empire and realize your dreams sooner than you might have imagined. Here are the main reasons why you should franchise your company.

1. Access to Capital

When you choose to franchise your own business, you are choosing to expand without the expense. With a franchise, the applicant franchisee owner covers virtually all of the startup costs via the franchise fee. This will cover new premises, rent, startup costs, and staffing budgets. This leaves you with more capital to focus on developing your business.

2. It’s Easy to Franchise Your Business

When you learn how to franchise your business, you can expand in any direction at the drop of a hat. This is especially true when you realize that you can outsource all of your franchising to a professional service.

As these benefits helpfully explain, you can pay for an outsourcing provider to set up your franchise structure and handle potential franchisees on your behalf. This means you can expand your business with minimal effort on your part.

3. Limit Risk

Put simply, the franchisee owner bears much of the risk of failure. As the owner, they are responsible for site selection, payroll, and many other risky facets of a business. If things do go wrong, they are on the hook. You will, of course, still retain responsibility for when things do go wrong. However, you will be insulated from the most damaging risks.

4. Reduce Tax Burden

Did you know that there are many substantial tax benefits to having a business franchise? Every franchise owner will be responsible for their own payroll taxes and the IRS will assess each franchise as an individual entity. This can save your company millions of dollars in taxes every single year.

5. Expand Your Business Empire

Finally, it bears repeating that franchising is a tried and tested way for expanding successful businesses. If you have managed to build a business that works, you deserve to be able to grow your business and take it to the next level. By opting for the franchising route, you can safely expand your business and place that expansion in the hands of qualified business people who know what they are doing.

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