Starting a new business can often seem like an overwhelming task to handle. However, the amount of capital, time, and resources needed depends entirely on the kind of business idea that you choose.

As opposed to the common idea, a business can in fact be started in many ways and with minimal investments. From choosing to own an insurance franchise to write and launch your own book. Here’re some low-cost business ideas with high profits.

By gaining a deep understanding of these business ideas, you can start a lucrative business today.

5 Business Ideas with Low Investment For 2022

1. Design and Sell Clothes:

This is a business idea that puts the shipping, inventory, and completion in the hands of a third party that supplies. You can customize the products to create certain originality in them.

Think of some catchy slogans and print them on the clothes so that people identify with them more. With so many on-demand services, you can pay per product so that the base price per unit is more expensive than ordering in bulk Packaging Boxes wholesale.

2. Launch Your Book:

If you like writing and are passionate about a subject then launching a book can be an exceptional option to make money. Picture books, photo books, coffee table books, etc., options are many.

Hence, if you have an idea and an ability to express it in words then writing a book can be a great way to monetize.

3. Insurance Franchise

You can also make a decision to own an insurance franchise. This will save you from the stress of building a business from scratch and enable you to earn profits along with a residual income.

There are excellent insurance franchise agency franchisors who can give you a franchise at a reasonable cost. Make the most out of this opportunity.

4. Online Courses:

Some of the digital products such as music and templates are unique on the list of business ideas. As opposed to this, they are not tangible products. These products are not recurring manufacturing or have any shipping costs to worry about.

This way, the profit margins can also remain high. What you must do is to find out what makes a good digital product and how can it be made so useful that people will want to sign up for it.

5. Selling Any Service

You can sell a service that you think you are good at. This includes writing, designing, developing, photography, fitness trainers, etc. This will also let you expand your business for increasing the revenue stream.

If you decide on selling a service then a freelance marketplace such as Upwork is an excellent way to find work and discover people who need your skills.


The business ideas that are mentioned above can be combined in a wide range of ways to starting a franchise business in USA that can offer great returns. The low investment business model if done right gives an exceptional opportunity to grow the business.