Being a woman CEO or an Entrepreneur in the corporate world is indeed bittersweet. It is not defined by an overnight success or an immediate victory, but it is the concoction of unwavering hard work, consistency and utmost dedication that paves your way. 

If you don’t believe it, ask someone who was once a visionary upstart, (who later became an inspiring leader), and inquire them about their unsung struggles in trying to build anything from scratch, just to solidify one’s name in this fraternity of corporate culture. For instance, Anuradha Agarwal,  CEO of Think North Consulting is one of them. To her, it is not the prospects that served themselves on a silver platter, but how she chose to exploit every opportunity that came her way. It is the impeccable devotion to the work that makes her a successful woman today. 

Besides this, to acquire a hard-earned space in the corporate culture or to break a glass ceiling, you need to embrace your journey and manifest the learning lessons, contributing to your growth. 

How can women succeed in the corporate world

A hypothetical situation. 

Imagine a working woman, an employee of an XYZ company, who is suffering from the pangs of stress, and anxiety and is unable to give her best in her profession. One who constantly juggles between the workplace hustle, and is undergoing overpowering job stress, personal life and whatnot.

Now,  What do you think are the core values a woman needs to manifest to be successful in the corporate world? 

Let us read to know more – 

Make New contacts, and  Network with them

  • It is to note how men and women are somewhat compared to each other in weighing who scores the maximum professional connections, (especially in the corporate world). And it is rightfully mentioned by psychologists, how networking can help people uncover new professional opportunities, and areas of interest, increase their knowledge base and enrich their careers. The idea behind such behaviour signifies the necessary steps employees take in developing partnerships that can help them in the longer run.  

Work-life Balance 

  • It is undeniable how individuals have to juggle between family and career. Nonetheless, a balance is all you need. In the true sense, sometimes, personal life takes a toll on your professional life and vice-versa. And for this, you need to set your priorities and compartmentalise them accordingly. It is also said that work-life balance is critical to your mental health, and physical health, and even affects the work you do. For instance,  Research shows that self-care can greatly enrich your mood. Still, this sort of mindset has to be inculcated in everyone, regardless of gender.  To elaborate, The following are some of the hacks that will guide you in terms of work-life balance – 
  • Do not mix personal and professional lives. Learn to manage them, and schedule some part of the day to deal with your daily work hustle and personal life. Demarcate a distinction, which is felt necessary and needed. 
  • Stick to the same routine throughout, and try to focus on every task you choose to do. Nevertheless, it becomes obvious that we cannot accomplish everything perfectly, but we can try to prioritise things accordingly. Hence, work-life balance is one of the ways that can keep you focused and organized. 

Be a Risk Taker 

  • In the realms of corporate struggle, be experimental and exploratory, when it comes to gauging the best possible ways to initiate a task or a project. Expose yourself to the challenging undertakings and step out of your way to unearth what could be the best way to deal with them.  For instance, you should remain strategic and learn to analyse, before taking any decision. To elaborate, it is not about gender conflict in workplaces, but how you manage to solidify your position, among your competitors and emerge as a victorious employee.  Trust yourself, make mistakes, get up, try again and succeed. Hence, be a risk-taker at the workplace. 

Do a self-talk 

  • Be intuitive and trust your gut. As a woman, thousands of people would offer you a word or two, but make sure you do self-talk and believe in yourself. Furthermore,  accepting your mistakes and learning from them, is how you can contribute to your growth. Make it your success mantra and do not allow people to invade your choices.  Remember, you are the owner of your life. 

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How to be authentic at work?

  • Authenticity indeed is a core value in the workplace. It boosts your productivity and allows you to carve your (own) presence, amidst the cut-throat competition. Yes, Being original at work greatly impacts your performance as an employee while arousing the creative you. Not only this, once you gain the required recognition, your leaders would let you reap the benefits of the work while contributing to your growth. Especially as a woman, you need to identify your self-worth and commit yourself to your career and the organisation will surely help you in the long run. It is especially true of women leaders in the corporate world and how they choose to grow. To know more, women can dive deep and look for women’s leadership programs.  Such is how you ascend to a throne of corporate success and emerge as a winner. 


We conclude that for a woman to succeed in the corporate world, all she needs is to imbibe the values like authenticity, work-life balance and whatnot. Also,  Another way of knowing the growth hacks at the workplace is through leadership books. With this, one can learn and earn immense knowledge and can offer you valuable lessons, in helping you reach your potential in the workplace. 

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