The outbreak of the coronavirus has led to the necessity of wearing a mask whenever any person steps out of their house. This is one of the most effective ways that can slow down the spread of this virus among the person. No doubt many pharmaceutical companies are trying to make a vaccine for this disease. Till then to protect ourselves from the adverse effect of this disease, we all need to wear a mask every day and with that wash, your hands frequently are sanitize them. The benefits of wearing masks at this point are many. Nowadays any person can easily purchase washable face masks online.

With time different companies have come up with different types of masks that can be used on daily basis. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Bandana: It is either a triangular or square piece of cotton cloth that is worn around the nose. It will cover your face from nose to neck. Wearing this will keep your nose and mouth away from the dust particles and also from the bacteria causing infection. If you not comfortable wearing any type of mask then this is the best option to go with.
  • Homemade cloth masks: Many local authorities and NGOs have come up with this type of mask. This is a multilayers cotton homemade mask. This is a very good mask and highly affordable. You can easily wear these types of masks even on a hot summer day. Single-layer masks are the least effective. So it is better to go with the three-layered cloth mask for the most benefits.
  • T-shirt mask: At the time of lockdown, many people come up with very effective days in which they made masks from the old t-shirt. These masks are also as effective as disposable masks are. They are made from stretchable and comfortable fabric. These are highly affordable types of masks.
  • Cloth mask with filter: Nowadays you will find these types of masks easily in the market. These are cloth masks that have a pocket inside them. You just need to slip in a tissue paper that will act as the filter and will not allow any harmful particle to enter the body. Every time you wash your mask just change the tissue inside the mask.
  • Disposable surgical masks: these are flat, thin, and paper-like masks that are either white or light blue. These were the masks that were used by people and also they are very effective in keeping the person away from the infection-causing bacteria. You cannot use these masks more than one time. It is better to dispose of these masks after one use.
  • N95 masks: These are the masks that are most effective in protecting the person from the infection of the coronavirus. No doubt other types of masks are also very effective but particularly this type of mask provides you with maximum security. These masks went short in supply earlier but now they ate easily available in the market.

So an individual can select the best face mask online India.