Have you ever thought about a solution that promises to get you through the summer heat with high-energy efficiency? Well, if you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective cooling system, then evaporative coolers are the best. It is a system that promises to deliver high cooling power effectively. Be it indoors or outdoors, your home or workplace, the advantage of having an evaporative cooler in hot sultry summers is undeniable. These are eco-friendly and energy-efficient gadgets, also known as swamp coolers, and help save on your high energy bills.

Unlike fans, the evaporative cooler service mechanism cools down the air by circulating it with water, pump and a fan. So, if you are planning to make the best out of evaporative coolers, you need to consider the following aspects –

Right Place of Installation

Before installing the swamp cooler, you need to understand whether the evaporative cooler is appropriate for the surroundings or not. For example, it will be good to install such coolers in the farms, but not near a water source as there will be a risk of potential electrical hazard. The common places where you can install these coolers are homes, restaurants, cafeteria, grocery and other convenience shops, malls, educational institutions, religious institutions, laundry, gym, showroom, farm, factory etc. You can use coolers in –

  • Outdoor Areas –Covered patios, backyard, decks, plain rooftops.
  • Semi-Outdoor Areas –Open garages, porches, workshops, shops.
  • Indoor Areas –Dry and hot ambience with an open-air source (door or window) such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, sunrooms.
  • Outdoor Commercial Usage –Sports events, festivals, event spaces, outdoor events, barns and loading bays and more.

If you are unsure, you can also connect with an evaporative cooler service provider who can help you assess the right place of installation.

Appropriate Climate

While choosing evaporative cooler, you should check your area’s climatic conditions or the place where you are planning to install the cooler. Evaporative coolers perform the best in hot and dry areas. Remember to check the relative humidity and summer temperature of the area to see how much cooling service will be sufficient for that area.

In hot and dry weather conditions, an evaporative cooler will reduce up to 20-400F temperature. Generally, if the air produced is cooler than 700F, people find it comfortable while if it is warmer than 750F, the comfort level changes significantly.

Size of the Cooler

The evaporative cooler you are planning to install will burn a huge amount of energy if the cooler’s size is small to the area of the space. The fresh air circulated through the environment each minute is denoted by CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), and the amount of air produced by a cooler is denoted by CMH (Cubic Meters per Hour). Majority of evaporative coolers come with 2500-13000 CMH.

  • Recommended CFM in evaporative cooler are 200-750 for 250sqft, 751-2000 for 251-500sqft, 2001-4000 for 501-1000sqft, 4001-7500 for 1001-2000sqft and over 7501 for above 2000sqft.
  • Additional 20% CFM should be added if the ceiling is higher than 8ft if more than two people are present in the area if many heat-generating appliances are present and the area gets direct sunlight.

Most of the recognized evaporative cooler service provider will be able to help you in this. They can inspect your place and would recommend you the right size of evaporative coolers.


Now you know about evaporative coolers, and so you can make the best purchase. However, if you wish to keep the cooler up and running in good condition, you need to connect with the best evaporative cooler service that can help you with the cleaning of cooling pads and complete tank cleaning.

Often it is seen that people tend to ignore the cleaning and maintenance of evaporative coolers. You can connect with the evaporative cooler service provider of the particular brand, and they will help you with thorough inspection and cleaning of evaporative coolers.

So, overall we can say these are cost-effective solutions packed in a portable design with heavy-duty wheels. Being a perfect substitute for commercial-grade fans, these evaporative coolers provide comfortable air environment to people who are using its service and prevent them from suffering sore throat, itchy eyes and rough skin.