According to a recent report, over 590 million daily app downloads have been noticed in the year 2020. Furthermore, the number is anticipated to surpass 250 billion by 2022. 

Since we live in a digitally growing world, we cannot deny the fact that mobile application is emerging to be an integral part of life for smartphone users as well as businesses. End-users who want to spend time using a dynamic app aspire it to be the best from every nook and cranny, be it functionality, seamlessness, etc. 

Enterprises who want developers to create an inventive app to streamline their business functions, often be selective in choosing the reliable framework that can quench theirs and client’s thrust so profoundly. This makes them reach out to a trusted mobile app development company to discuss the requirements of the most appropriate technology for their projects.

While tech stack plays a vital role in app progress and there are so many frameworks to choose from, developers often share their trust with VueJS. VueJs enables front-end developers to quickly develop single-page applications (SPAs) in terms of optimizations, features, and interactive interfaces without getting involved in complex resources.

What is VueJS?

Vue is an open-source progressive model built upon a JavaScript framework and created by Evan You, an independent software developer. Ever since the VueJS has been released, it is being embraced by many esteemed enterprises like Adobe, IBM, Namecheap, etc. Why the majority of developers feel complacent to web development using VueJS is because it is flexible and can easily be integrated with existing projects. 

While many top developers for mobile app development believe that building a modern and beautiful app is possible with any framework of modern JavaScript framework, the VueJS code is straightforward and more readable than others comparatively. 

Now the question is if there are tons of rewarding frameworks available such as React Native, Node.js, etc., then for what reasons your business should consider VueJS for the next project. Since VueJS is a JavaScript framework meant for building great UIs, there are tons of reasons to choose it over others. 

Here are 7 major significant benefits of creating an app using the VueJS framework.

Easy Learning Curve

Believing to the responses received by developers from different corners of the world, Vue is one of the most accessible and easy to learn frameworks that offer ready-to-use plugins to integrate with apps. These plugins can be utilized by front-end developers to streamline app design within a stipulated timeline. Moreover, VueJS has a coherent structure that is why it becomes easy for developers to employ the updates and any other requirement that comes their way while forming the app.

Highly Flexible and Scalable

It is not necessary that only the most popular and used frameworks are going to be highly adaptive and flexible. There is an extensive range of elements that hugely contribute to making an application framework versatile. VueJS is vastly flexible and scalable. The codes and compilers of VueJS enable developers to use it for building apps for various platforms. Besides flexibility and scalability, the VueJS framework and component systems allow developers to create websites or apps under computed properties as well.

Easy to Configure

Since there are many app development frameworks that leverage users with an easily navigable interface, the developers on the other hand also look for an open-source framework to create mobile applications with reduced complexities in codes. Fortunately, VueJS is exactly the framework that is not an unfavorable muddler for developers’ brains. It is easy to configure and effectively manage the library and deploy generic functionality for an app.

Progressive in Nature

Being a cross-platform and highly competent framework, VueJS is considered the first eminent choice for developers when it comes to developing single-page applications. As it focuses majorly on the ViewModel part, VueJS consists of most of the basic docs providing the v-model directive that is enough to be labeled as one of the most dynamic open-source progressive JavaScript frameworks. One of the major features VueJS has is tracking change triggers in app development. 

Benevolent Transition

VueJS offers a variety of methods to apply transition effects in app development which includes CSS transitions and animations, manipulating the DOM during the transition. The transition and animation effects in the website or app make the platform more interactive for users. Either you want to integrate CSS animation styles offered by VueJS or third party’s, VueJS is all ears. On the other hand, creating template codes does not cost an arm and a leg to developers. In fact, it is easier to deploy as compared to any other framework. All they need to do is to select the elements and wrap up the transition that’s it.

Undemanding Documentation

Documentation is one of the significant factors that enable developers to conduct object-oriented application development. Those who have just set their foot in the app development industry and are learning and making themselves familiar with the front and server-side development rules of web development require minimalist documentation of frameworks. With VueJS, documenting the components gets more apparent as it has auto generated documentation features that render a simple HTML page. 

Developer Friendly

VueJS allows developers to work on projects on their terms by making them choose tools on their own. Vue has a command-line interface (CLI) to develop projects which also makes developers instantly think of prototyping new ideas. Vue is comprehensive community support that is beneficial for both the single or multi-page application. Apart from that, Vue renders virtual DOM and minimal load time. With broad modularity in the framework, VueJS maintains its focus on the core library. 


We have finally come a long way in discussing the righteous aspects of VueJS and how beneficial it is for developers to work in sync with different components of VueJS. You might have read multiple comparisons of Vue with other frameworks, the possibilities of Vue and integration options allow developers to draw a strong reputation for app development making it a viable choice of modern app development projects for businesses.

If you have settled your decision to get your app developed on the VueJS framework, reach out to a reputed and trusted VueJS development company and discuss your requirements now.