Grandparents are a huge part of every family as they are the oldest people in our communities. They are a good sign of everlasting love and probably the best people to consult when looking for relationship advice. That is why you should always consider giving them something special when they are celebrating their wedding anniversary or anything else. You don’t even have to wait until they celebrate something for you to gift them as you can always do that.

Here are 7 of the best and most unique gift ideas that you can give to your grandparents.

1. Grandma and Grandpa T-Shirts

Despite whether you have a baby shower or you just want to plan a family photo shoot and want to include your grandparents, you can never go wrong with t-shirts. You can customize them to ensure they are unique by writing the names they want. It can be something like Grandad, Mimi, Nana, Poppa, or anything else that can make them feel cool in those t-shirts.

You can also include the year they got married as that will make the shirts even more special to them. The best thing about t-shirts is that you can get them in different colors. That way, they can both choose the exact color they want for the t-shirts.

2. A Customized Photo Album

Grandparents love reviewing memories as that allows them not to forget important things about the past. You can make this easier by buying a photo album for them. You can buy a portable album and fill it with pictures of them and their grandchildren. The best thing about a nice album is that you can even choose the cover title. Therefore, the title can be something such as Papa and Nana or Our grandchildren. It can be anything. If you have no idea, you can ask them what they want you to name the album.

If the album has pictures of certain grandkids, you can even include their names below the title. Whether they will be showing it to their friends or going through the pictures themselves will be an amazing gift. They can even get some photos that they can stick on their power scooters when they are going out to have fun.

3. A picture Frame

Something else that can make your grandparents so happy is having a great frame to place their best picture. They most likely have one or more pictures that they love more than others. Getting them a picture frame would make their day as it would allow them to pin their favorite picture on the wall.

Framed photos can also have some sentiments written to help make them seem unique. You can think out any phrase to send a special message to your grandparents and print it under their picture. 

The frame can also have a picture of you and your family or their favorite grandkids. That can also be a great idea because they will love to keep seeing that on their walls.

4. Personalized Mugs

Customized mugs might seem like cool teenagers only use them, but that should not be the case. If your grandparents love drinking hot cocoa, tea or coffee, why not get them something that will make their breakfast even more lively and fun. It might even make them start taking more tea during the day since they want to feel the joy of using the special mugs.

The mugs can be customized with specific names like Grandpa, grandma, best grandparents, I love you, and many more options. Mugs are also available in different colors. Therefore, it can be a great idea if you can get those with their favorite colors.

5. Wine Tumblers

Not all grandparents drink wine, but if yours do, then buying them some wine tumblers can mean a lot to them. Even if your grandparents do not take wine, they can still use these tumblers to sip on other drinks like juice and sodas in a classy way.

Some cool grandparents will love to sip their wine in tumblers customized with some words like rules never apply to grandpa or vice versa. You can also ask them for some ideas on how they would love their wine tumblers to look like. They are the ones who will be using those tumblers, right?

6. Family Cookbooks

Creating a family cookbook can be a very difficult task. It forces you to start hunting for archived emails or notes by grandparents to help you see the exact ingredients you need to ensure you create an accurate cookbook. Creating a unique family cookbook for your grandparents can give them somewhere to always check for a meal to prepare when they are not sure.

A cookbook is also great because it provides them with some fun things to cook for fun when they are bored. If your grandma loves a certain food that you prepare, you can also include the exact instructions that she can follow easily. Knowing how to prepare that meal can be an amazing experience for your grandma, as she can now prepare the same for grandpa.

7. A Sign Showing Grandkids Names

This one is a unique idea that every person looking to surprise their grandparents should try. You can look for a professional who will customize a wooden sign showing grandchildren’s names and birthdays. This helps them to always keep their grandkids in mind and also remember to wish them happy birthdays. Remembering every kids’ birthday can be so much joy to them.


Grandparents are special to us, which makes it vital to take care of them. Sometimes, you might want to give them something unique, but you have no idea, which leaves you confused. You can use these seven gift ideas to surprise your grandparents on their special days or any other day. You may want to discuss with your grandparents about their favorites to choose the best gift for them.