Traveling brings out the best mood, personality, and gratification out of the people who dwell on wanderlust. While there are innumerable destinations to explore, travel freaks like to visit the places of their interest. In case you’re a Potterhead who can watch the Harry Potter series for days altogether, make sure to explore the hidden places. You can find a list of never-ending real-life harry potter regions to explore and unveil the mysteries of the wizarding world.

Keep reading to know the top realistic destinations that will soothe the Potterheads who like to explore now and then.

  1. Alnwick Castle, England

Here’s the spectacular Hogwarts’ building that emerged around a thousand years ago. The Alnwick Castle is the house of the Duke of Northumberland. You must not miss out on this place while exploring all the harry potter destinations worldwide. It is the main architectural marvel used in the series as the Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. From the initial broomstick lesson of Harry to the car collision by Ron, many scenes took place in this ecstatic site.

Along with this, the scene where Harry learns the rules of Quidditch arises from the famous castle. Records suggest that the Alnwick Castle is the second largest castle by area worldwide. Make sure to load the essentials on the nissan xtrail roof rack and head out to unveil this thrilling castle’s secrets.

  1. Duke Humfrey’s Library, Oxford

If the dark and cozy Hogwarts libraries fascinate you, make sure to explore them in real life. Duke Humfrey’s Library is the one featured as the secret library where magic and witchcraft took place. The library is present in the Oxford city of the United Kingdom. Some of the popular scenes like the invisible cloak scene and sorcerer’s stone part shot here are well-liked by the Potterheads. Don’t look out for the chains in precious bookshelves as the staff replaced them with alarms some years ago.

  1. The Elephant House, Scotland

Scotland is a gem and emerges to be in the bucket list of every traveler out there. If you’re a Potterhead, you must explore this destination for a variety of reasons. Apart from the serene nature and top-notch architecture, you must explore the elephant house in Scotland. J.K. Rowling shot innumerable scenes in this location with utmost perfection. What’s even better is that you can add the notes on the bathroom wall as well. Don’t forget to carry a marker before reaching this place.

  1. Platform 93/4 Kings Cross Station


Do you remember the Hogwarts Express that started from Platform 93/4 and went straight to the Hogwarts School? If yes, then it’s about time that you explore the same. The famous platform 93/4 is one of the platforms belonging to the real-life King Cross Station. But, this platform features only the disappearing trolleys and brick wall with the platform sign.

  1. Leadenhall Market, London

Leadenhall Market is a historic one and gained popularity even before emerging in the series. One of the most iconic scenes of the movie, i.e., Diagon Alley shots took place in this ecstatic region. You might hit the wave of nostalgia after seeing the blue door of the optic shop used in The Goblet Of Fire series. Make sure to explore the entire market and appreciate the historical aspects. If possible, watch the entrance of the Leaky Cauldron right at the place where it got shot.

  1. Gloucester Cathedral, England

On your Harry Potter travel spree, make sure to explore the famous cathedrals in Gloucester city of England. Also, the cathedral experienced innumerable shooting scenes of the series. One of the most popular shots in the cathedral is the Gryffindor corridor where Myrcella used to wander. Also, the cathedral emerges first in the sorcerer’s stone part of the entire movie series. Head out and reach the region where one of the most loved scenes took place.

  1. The Jacobite Train, Scotland

Apart from exploring the popular places, you can also experience a ride in the Hogwarts Express Train. The Jacobite Steam Train in Scotland is a real-life train that runs from Fort William to Mallaig. Pack your bags and get ready to feel the essence of the series in the Hogwarts Express. The train also takes you along the astonishing bridge to Hogwarts and runs from March to October every year.

  1. Australia House, London


Do you remember the marvelous Gringotts Wizarding Bank featured as the only bank in the series? If yes, then get ready to visit the bank on your next travel journey. Australia House in London is the sole bank featured in the Wizarding world. One of the exhibition halls of the Australia House emerged as the wizarding bank in the series. The place is home to the extraordinary shots of the Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Originally, the place dates back to as old as 1918 and has the popular Australian Embassy here.

  1. Black Park, England

Here’s the dark and mysterious park that appears in the Harry Potter series quite often. The Black Park in England is surely a must-visit for all the Potter lovers out there. Don’t be surprised when the sudden nostalgic vibes hit you from behind right after you reach this place. The park is the location of the famous Hagrid’s hut in the movie. Also, this is the place where Hagrid made Harry see the dragons. One of the scenes also features this park as the Forbidden forest in some parts of the movie.

  1. Christ Church, Oxford

In case you feel like exploring the Great Hall of Hogwarts in real life, don’t hold back the desire. The Christ Church in Oxford is the inspiration behind the huge dining in the Harry Potter Series. You can spot the dining hall and the staircase that introduced Professor McGonagall with Harry and his buddies. What’s even better is that the place has other stuff to gaze at, apart from the dining and stairs.

  1. Czocha Castle, Poland

For all the travelers out there who wish to live the Wizardry life, here’s an ecstatic chance to do the same. The Czocha Castle in Poland holds some ecstatic art classes and teaches the art of Wizardry in it. You can attend the 3 to 4 days of Wizarding and adventure right at the place featured in the Harry Potter series. Also, you get to spend the days in one of the Houses in the castle. Live the life of Harry and his buddies in the most enchanting manner here. Transform your dream of becoming a wizard into reality with this astonishing castle.

  1. Mount Greylock, Massachusetts


The popular North American School Of Wizardry in the movie arises from the region of Mount Greylock in Massachusetts. J.K. Rowling revealed the location much later in 2016, which made it a tourist hub for the Potterheads.It is one of the potter themed locations in the US and hence, is almost always crowded. Visit the place and relive the breath-taking scenes of the movie in real-life.

  1. Georgian House Hotel, London

If you wish to live the life of a Hogwarts Wizard at least once, then head straight to this hotel located in London. The Georgian House Hotel in London is one of the few places that offer the real-life Hogwarts experience to the tourists. The rooms in this hotel feature the potter theme with spell books, potions, and cauldrons. You might also see a few trunks, and top-notch castle details like walls crafted out of stones. Along with this, enjoy the walking tour of the ecstatic London attractions featured in the series at least once. In the end, the stained glass windows add to the entire theme and embellish the hotel rooms.

  1. Goathland Station, Yorkshire

Goathland station is one of the many stations featured in the movie. Located in the Yorkshire region, this station emerged as the iconic Hogsmeade station in the movie. Also, the station is the final stop of the Hogwarts Express. All the wizards who wished to reach the Castle got out at this station as this was the nearest one. You might watch the Sorcerer’s stone part while gazing at the natural beauty of this place.

  1. Millennium Bridge, London

At the beginning of the Half-Blood Prince part, the bridge collapses is the Millennium Bridge in London. The only difference is that the bridge stands high and tall in real life. In the series, the death eaters collapsed and destroyed the bridge. But, you can take a walk along the Pedestrian-only bridge and relive the scenes of the movie. Also,don’t forget to get a picture of the river that runs down this bridge.

Bottom Line

For all the Potterheads out there, here’s the new travel bucket list. Most of the locations arise from the original Harry Potter series and are the top tourist spots. All you need to do is list down the places and head out to explore the regions.