Did you know that the average person in the United States of America spends almost $1,000 on gifts during the holidays? As a small business, it is sometimes difficult to put together a successful and comprehensive holiday marketing campaign. People are often at their happiest during the holidays so it is a perfect time to put together strong holiday marketing for your small business.

There are certain things that you need to do if you’re going to capitalize on small business holiday marketing for the holiday season of 2021. The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to get some helpful holiday marketing tips that will make your small business stand out from the rest and grow your year-end revenue.

Keep reading this article for seven helpful holiday marketing tips today.

1. Update Your Holiday Marketing Keywords

Researching and understanding the importance of keywords is vital for the success of your small business. These keywords are what will drive people to look for goods or services like those your business offers right to your doorstep or your website. You need to make sure that you stay up to date on the keywords you’re using for search engine optimization.

There is no better time to update your keywords for your business than during the holidays as part of your holiday marketing campaign. Try to choose keywords that are built around the sales that you’re running for the holiday season. This is especially true for big sales events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

If you have particular products that perform better during the holidays then you need to make the most of your keywords to get more people to make a purchase with you.

2. Create a Sense of Urgency

Another vital part of any good holiday marketing campaign is creating a sense of urgency within your customers. A big obstacle that many businesses run into when it comes to holiday sales is issues with their supply chains. Communicate these potential issues with your customers to let them know that the thing that they want might not be available at a later date.

Doing this will not only help your customers get the things that they want, but it will also allow you to create an open and honest relationship with your customer base. Let your customers know if supplies will be limited when it comes to the products that you’re selling.

You’ll find that you’ll create a much stronger sense of loyalty to your brand amongst your customers if you let them know that the things that they want are in short supply rather than trying to sell them on the products themselves.

3. Use Your Social Media Accounts

Social media marketing is a huge tool in this era, and you need to make sure that you optimize it to fit your holiday marketing strategies. While your goal should be to drive your customers to your website, you should also use your social media accounts to announce discounts and promotions.

Ensure that the content that you create and post on your social media pages matches up with everything on your website when it comes to holiday marketing. Your content should be similar on your website to what is on your social media. Your social media pages also give you a perfect medium for engaging with potential customers.

4. Use Discounts and Giveaways

It is no secret that people are starting to run low on cash when the holidays roll around. Most families spend a good chunk of change on gifts for the holidays, so any type of giveaway or discount goes a long way and builds a ton of goodwill with your customer base.

Giveaways are a great route to take if you’re looking to bring in new customers that haven’t purchased goods from you before. It will build impulse and make them invest time in getting to know your business and the goods that you sell.

Discounts are the perfect route to take if you’re trying to attract previous customers through things like email marketing. Odds are that you’ll have previous customers that are on the fence about buying more of your products. A discount is a perfect way to tip the scales into your favor.

5. Decorate for the Holidays

If your business operates out of a brick and mortar location then you need to take steps to decorate for the holidays and get into the spirit of the season. You need to make sure that your customers get into the festivities of the holidays as soon as they walk through your doors and into your business.

Don’t go over the top with your decorating, but you can’t go wrong with adding some string lights and some aromas that remind people of winter and the holidays. That is a perfect setting for holiday shopping. You can also Promote business with customized koozies.

6. Make All Purchases Gifts

There are little things that you can do with your small business that will help your customers capture that holiday feeling that is in the air. Make sure that all purchases go into bags that are similar to holiday bags that you’d find under the tree. Doing this is a great way to make that purchase feel special and feel like they’ve purchased a gift.

7. Focus On Family

Small businesses are in a much better position to relate with the families that purchase their goods. You need to understand that and connect with these families when you’re putting together your holiday marketing strategies. Make it clear that helping families during the holidays is a priority for your business.

Take Your Holiday Marketing to New Heights

Holiday marketing is important if you’re running a small business and attempting to increase your revenue. There are a number of effective approaches that you should take if you’re looking to add that special holiday feeling to your small business. Use discounts and giveaways to boost sales and make your products more accessible, and put an emphasis on family.

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