Originally developed by Naughty Dog, Crash Bandicoot is a video game franchise. The original producer of the game series was Universal Interactive. They also became known as Vivendi Games in 2007. The current owner of crash bandicoot is Activision because the original ones merged with the latter and now Activision publishes the franchise.

It was developed exclusively for Sony’s Play Station Console. With time, it has been seen that not only this but even on other multiple platforms have seen its installments. Crash Bandicoot is one of the last creations of Dr. Cortex’s Evolve-o-ray. In the 4th series, Crash bandicoot 4, he defeated the scientist to save his girlfriend Tawna Bandicoot. The several crash bandicoot characters make the video game so lovely and liked by all.

Main Games In The Series

Crash Bandicoot is a series that consists of platform games, party games, and spin-offs in the kart racing games. Different levels are played by using Crash Bandicoot Characters. The objective of every level is to guide Crash from starting to the end traveling towards the player right or left, into the screen and scrolling sideways. In the original video game, the movement of Crash Bandicoot is limited to running, jumping, and spinning his way through treacherous environments.

Crash bandicoot Characters

Coco Bandicoot

Coco is an intelligent girl and younger sister of Crash. Most of the time she is seen glued to her computer system and the rest of the time she is with Crash. Her first appearance was in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strike Back (1997). In the second adventure, Coco warned Crash of the real use of crystals. She also used Time Twister Machine developed by M Tropy to assisting the first two adventures to Crash.

Aku Aku

This character was first introduced in Crash Bandicoot in 1996. The voice is given by Greg Eagles. Aku Aku is given an appearance of an ancient witch doctor. Aku Aku protects three islands called home by Crash and the tribe of Papu Papu. He helped Crash in thwarting Cortex and revealed his existence after the second game. After doing so with Coco as well, this crash bandicoot character fought with his evil twin brother.

Dr. Neo Cortex

Though Cortex is the creator of Crash still he is constantly trying to destroy him. It is because he feels that he made a mistake by creating Crash. For that to achieve, Cortex is in constant want to create massive chaos. But his own creation, Crash defeats him. The most surprising thing that happens regularly is that Crash forgives the doctor every time.


While imprisoned in Cortex Castle, Crash and Tawna had to spend most of the time together and that made them grow up very close. Gradually, the relationship of these crash bandicoot characters takes the shape of a romantic one. The care and the relationship they were into were shown to be very deep. He was the one who used to save Tawna from Wumpa Islands and Cortex. As seen in Warped, Crash and Tawna could be noticed having good bonding despite being absent after the first game.

Crunch Bandicoot

Crunch was also hostile against Crash when under Cortex’s control. He was also against him and was obsessed with crushing him. But the gullible nature of Crash forced him in freeing Crunch, it resulted in them converting into metaphorical brothers. With passing years, these crash bandicoot characters became close friends. There are also some twists in the story. Though they become friends and they help each other most of the time, still Crunch is made evil again at some point in time. They are forced to fight with each other.

Polar, Pura, and Baby T

They are pets of Bandicoots who see family in them and vice-versa is also true. After defeating Cortex, Crash took Polar and Baby home. All these are interesting crash bandicoot characters. In Crash Nitro Kart, Polar and Pura don’t show hostility towards him despite being brainwashed into racing.

Dr. N. Grin

This crash bandicoot character first appeared in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (1997). He can be considered as one of the loyal subjects of Crash. He came to the picture after Crash escaped at the beginning of the game and by replacing N. Brio. N. Gin turned into a cyborg after incorporating the missile in himself. Dr. N. Grin, after so many trials and efforts, still gets defeated by both Coco and Crash in two separate adventures.

Sypro The Dragon

Crash met Sypro during the events of Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto’s Rampage. The enemies tricked both of them and they fought with each other. But soon they found out the truth and took the next step of saving their friends and the world. These crash bandicoot characters both engaged in competitive tournaments with the mission of stopping bad guys. Their friendship took way even to the third season and Crash helped Sypro one more time.


Dingodile, this crash bandicoot character, a hybrid creation of Cortex, made its first appearance in 1998, season 3. His features include that of a bipedal; snout, tail, teeth of a crocodile. He used a flamethrower and a massive fuel tank against Crash in 3rd adventure. The best part of the tank is that it explodes and overloads when struck. All this is the thing of 11,700 years ago.

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