Organic matcha green tea is not your regular green tea. It is a superior segment of green tea that claims benefits like no other.

Matcha and other green teas are made from a tea plant called Camellia Sinensis. Being grown from the same plant, tea drinkers fail to differentiate between all by name. But the processing and methods of growing the tea leaves is what causes the real difference.

Talking about the process, farmers tend to find the strongest green tea plants for the production of matcha. As only the strongest of all plants are used to make matcha.Now, before these farmers get started with harvesting, they shade the tea leaves in order to increase theanine content on them. This is done by coving the plant with bamboo mats or tarps. Once the plants are under the tarps, the color of the matcha becomes vibrant green due to excessive theanine. After this, before the match tea leaves get picked, they are steamed well to prevent oxidation in them. Steamed leaves are further sorted into different grades and the removal of stems takes place. This is done by cutting the stems and veins in a precise manner. This is done to achieve that soft texture when we drink organic matcha green tea. These leaves can be further dried and used as normal green tea or can be grinded properly to make matcha. Therefore this is how you get matcha green tea. Now here are a few general tips about this tea.

Right Way to Stir Matcha

If we talk about the right way of whisking organic matcha green tea, it is done with the help of a bamboo whisk. All you need to do is take some matcha in the bowl and stir it with a bamboo whisk. In case you are not interested in the traditional method, do as you like.

Right Amount to Use

Drinking matcha green tea depends on individual preferences. There are many who like more flavour in their tea whereas others just enjoy a tint of the flavour. So whichever category you fall in, make sure your matcha is somewhere around the ratio of one teaspoon for every 2-3 ounces of water. After you are done mixing it well, you can further add some more water.

Purchasing it Online

Buying matcha green tea powder online can be a bit tricky. The fact that there are various options available online makes it really hard to find the best. Do Matcha is one such store that sells the best quality matcha all over the world. So if you are looking for the best quality, do visit their website.

About Heating Matcha

While making organic matcha green tea, you will need water as hot as 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not use water more than this temperature as boiling water can burn matcha and later give a very bitter taste. It is also recommended to avoid heating matcha tea after you are done mixing and making it. Matcha tea tastes and works best at room temperature.

Preferred Quantity in a Day

Again, this depends on person to person. If a person is habitual to drink tea 5 times a day then he will be doing that with matcha tea too. But if we talk about an adequate amount then drinking 1-2 cups of matcha is enough for one day. It is equivalent to 10-20 cups of your regular green tea, if one gram of matcha is used per cup.

Now that you are aware about the perks of macha, buy matcha green tea and make it a part of your beverage habit at the earliest.