The UK Ancestry visa is a right to abode or British nationals(overseas) visa route.

Any overseas national from a commonwealth country can route to the UK to study or work through the ancestry visa route if they can provide evidence that their grandparents were born in the UK, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands.

The visa seeker can apply for an ancestry visa as early as 3 months before the travel plans to the UK.

You can live, work or study in the UK for up to 5 years. The Home Office usually responds after 3 weeks from the date of your application.

You must evidence your Ancestry to begin your application

You must prove that you have a grandparent born in one of the following situations:

  • Born in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man
  • Grandparent is before 31 March 1922, which is now Ireland
  • Born on a ship or aircraft that were either registered in the UK or belonged to the UK government at the time

You can claim ancestry:

  • If you or your parent were adopted
  • If your grandparents or parents did not marry

You won’t be able to claim ancestry through step-parent.

Eligibility for a successful  UK ancestry visa application

To get a UK Ancestry visa, the visa applicant must thoroughly abide by the UK ancestry visa guidelines laid down by the Home Office.

It would help if you evidenced the following

  1. You are at least 17 or over
  2. You have enough money to sustain your dependents
  3. You have enough savings to sustain yourself in the UK without gaining access to any public funds in the UK
  4. You intend to stay and work in the UK for a long time

Your Ancestry visa application document checklist

When you are applying for a UK Ancestry visa you need the following

  • Your current passport
  • Make sure the passport has blank page for your visa else you may have to get a new passport issued
  • Valid travel document
  • Full birth certificate
  • the full birth certificates of the parent and grandparent for your ancestry claim
  • Letter of proof  that you’re planning to work in the UK, for example job offer letter  or a business plan if you are self-employed
  • Your bank statements, that prove you can sustain yourself and your dependants in the UK
  • The bank account details  must be dated within 31 day of your application submission date.
  • your tuberculosis test results,if applicable

Applying with your family

Your partner and children can apply to join you in the UK as your dependents. Each family member will need to make their own application to come to the UK through ‘dependant’ category.

Apply online

While making your Ancestry visa application online, you are required to book an appointment at a visa application centre to prove your identity.

You are required to have your fingerprints and photograph at the appointment centre as a part of Biometric process.

The visa application centre may submit your current passport and travel documents during the processing of your application.

You will be apprised by the Home Office what you need to do when you apply.

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Fees for a UK Ancestry Visa

The UK Ancestry visa costs £516.

The cost of applying for a visa extension after 5 years may vary as follows

For each dependent applying, you are required to pay:

  • £1,033 application fee
  • the healthcare surcharge- varies with the number of dependents applying for
  • £19.20 for your biometric information with fingerprints and a photograph.

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