The sun never sets on the United States. America has nearly 100 gigawatts of solar power capacity, enough to power 18 million single-family homes.

This number seems quite big, but it is actually small. Solar panels on 22,000 square miles would provide enough power for the whole country. Yet many people are reluctant to get their panels because of safety concerns.

Are solar panels dangerous? Do they pose any electrical or construction risks? What about rumors that they spread toxic chemicals?

Answer these questions and you can let solar energy flow through your house day and night. Here is your quick guide.

Fire Risks

Whenever you install a new electric system, you run the risk of a fire. New wiring and old wiring may not connect properly, causing a spark that endangers the home.

But a solar cell cannot cause a fire by itself. Few homes that install panels report experiencing a fire in the weeks after installation.

Some people fear that the heat and concentrated solar light on panels can spark a fire. This has never occurred. Most panels are built facing away from structures, so heat dissipates quickly.

Electrical Shocks

Most people electrocute themselves when they touch cords, switches, or outlets. Installing more cords in your home may increase your risk for a shock.

But there are no reported cases of shocks coming from solar systems. Touching a panel or a battery will not shock you because they have insulation. You may want to wear rubber clothing around your battery just to be safe.

Construction Risks

Solar panels can be bulky. But roofs are designed to withstand pressure and dissipate it across their surface areas.

Panels are secured to the roof with frames and support structures. Installation companies like Blue Raven Solar inspect roofs before and after the installation is complete. They can add extra reinforcements in order to make sure everything is safe.

There are no reported cases of panels sliding off of roofs or roofs collapsing due to panels. You should go to a professional and experienced company for maximum safety.


Some bloggers have speculated that panels can spread cancer due to their chemicals. This is inaccurate. There are no scientific studies to corroborate this claim, and the materials in solar panels do not run off into the water.

Others have speculated that panels will deplete the sun of its energy. Panels absorb energy that happens to reach them. They do not impact the sun’s ability to produce light and solar energy.

So Are Solar Panels Dangerous?

People have a lot of concerns about solar panels. Do they produce a fire hazard? They do not because panels are not flammable and they diffuse heat.

They cannot produce an electric shock, and they do not pose construction risks. Conspiracy theories about their links to cancer are unfounded.

Are solar panels dangerous in any way? As long as you hire from a professional company with experience, you should encounter no problems. Be mindful of your new wiring, but rest easy.

Clear away all of your concerns about solar. Follow our coverage for more energy guides.