Running a small, local business is a great way to interact with the community while fostering your entrepreneurial spirit. But what happens when you’re not attracting as many customers as you’d like?

That’s when a local SEO strategy comes in handy! The right strategy can help you bring in tons of new customers without having to overspend on your marketing budget.

But what is local SEO, anyway, and how can you implement it in a real, practical manner?

These are fair questions, and we aim to help you explore the answers below, so make sure to keep reading!

What Is Local SEO and How Does It Differ From General SEO?

We can define local SEO as a way for business owners to optimize their website and related web content in a manner that helps them reach a higher position on search engines.

Though that sounds quite similar to the general definition for regular SEO, the two are different in one distinct way:

Local SEO is concerned first and foremost with attracting a crowd within close proximity to the business itself. General SEO, on the other hand, is aimed at a much wider audience.

Why Use Local SEO?

Did you know that search engines like Google already tailor your search result based on your IP address? Even if you don’t use location-based search terms, Google makes sure that certain queries, such as ‘businesses near me’ or ‘local stores’ deliver results based on your device’s current location.

With that said, business owners who use local search terms get a nice little boost.

As such, it behooves business owners to use local terms throughout their website and in their content. A Texas-based dental practice with terms like ‘dental office in Dallas, TX’ will instantly see stronger results in the Dallas area.

It is important to note that local SEO isn’t a substitute for a general SEO strategy. It’s simply another tool in your shed that can help you reach a local audience. To generate the best results, you’ll want to implement both.

How to Implement SEO Into Your Strategy

The simplest way to optimize your website is to outsource.

Though it might sound like the more expensive option upfront, it’s actually cheaper in the long run. You won’t have to worry about learning new software, you can continue running your business as normal, and you’ll still get great results.

A professional SEO firm can help you connect with your local audience with minimal effort on your part, yet you’ll still get the best results possible.

Your Guide to SEO

As search engines continue to rise in popularity, the significance of local SEO is only going to increase, too. If you clicked on this article wondering, ‘What is local SEO, anyway?’ we hope we’ve helped demystify the process a bit.

Unless you have previous professional marketing experience, remember that your best bet is to outsource your marketing. You’ll save money and time yet you’ll get better results than if you handled your marketing yourself.

For more marketing advice, make sure to check out the rest of our blog!