If you are planning to choose one of the Ironman Training Plans, you must know that your determination is the key to success. There is a lot to consider because you have to stick to the plan for a visible outcome. If you are a beginner, then we have summed up the ideal ironman coaching plan basics for you, right here.

Time Duration for Ironman Training Plans

It is best to begin your plan at least 6 months prior. You must give yourself proper time to train. On the contrary, if you have been active in any form, i.e. swimming, running, or biking; you can also opt for a 16-week plan.

For beginners, who don’t have much physical activity either, a 3-month plan isn’t very feasible. Therefore, you must understand the whereabouts before choosing one.

Ideal Ironman Training Plans Routine:

An ironman coaching plan is a routine that gradually helps you take upon load. It prepares you gradually to carry out an ironman distance. Furthermore, it develops a mindful routine for you, where you are trained to understand your body and listen to it as well.

These plans are not meant to train endlessly. If you are working under the guidance of a trainer, they’ll guide you according to your capacity. Also, it is important to understand that each workout plan won’t go as planned. Thus, listen to your body once it requires rest.

Here is an ideal routine to follow as a beginner:

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It doesn’t have to be Monday but dedicating at least one day, every week, for only rest, is crucial. Your muscles require it. It is critical for muscle recovery. You can either go for a stroll or an easy bike ride. And if you don’t feel like doing any, you can skip the idea and lay in bed too.


Biking is the key to every ironman training plan. Your race is fully dependent on your biking skills. Make a combination of biking and running. You can bike for say 20 miles and then run for 2 miles. Gradually, take your mileage capacity up.

This combination is usually termed a brick workout. It is going to be one of your biggest workouts. Thus plan it before or after your rest day, depriving yourself of what your body tells you.

Ironman Training Plans
Ironman Training Plans


Swimming is your next goal to achieve. Ironman Coaching strengthens your swimming skills impeccably. However, combining your swimming day with cross-training is the best routine to set up. Allow your body to stretch. You can either opt for yoga or other stretches after your swim to relax your muscles.


Dedicate one day to swimming and running. This will help you add variation to your routine without getting bored. You don’t want to swim and stretch or bike and run only.

Create a different pattern to stay indulged. You can either run first and swim later or you can swim first and run later on. However, the first combination is thought to be the best.


Skip the running, swimming, and stretching for a day and take that bike to hit your mileage. You can take this as an adventure. Change your routes and discover new spots. It can be your perfect me-time as well. Exploring new places while you train yourself for uplifting your biking skills.


Just like a day dedicated to your biking; dedicate a day to your running only. Go for a long run. Gradually increase your mileage yet again.


On the last day of the week, you can repeat any combination that you want to. You can either run or swim or bike and run, depending upon what your body is willing to indulge in.


Ironman training plans are a huge challenge to undertake. They require a lot of persistence and determination to keep going. You should hire a trainer if you are an absolute beginner with close to no physical activity.

Even if you are starting on your own, it is best to go slow and steady and understand what your body is asking for. Learn to listen to your body and train accordingly.