We have gone through these lines our whole lives that health is wealth, that shows your actual asset and meaning to wealth is your health. If you are not healthy you will not be able to earn wealth. Now, what is health exactly? According to the definition, health is the state of complete physical health. Mental, social and spiritual well-being. You can see it includes all states including mental, social, and spiritual, that’s because it is all connected.

If you are physically well but a socially distant and hesitant person it will automatically affect your mental health. If you have some kind of mental illness, for example, you are depressed or anxious, it will directly affect your physical health. Because mental illness can lead to a lack of sleep or eating disorders, which are harmful to physical health.

Same for spiritual health, being spiritually healthy creates peace within your body and mind, you accept what is going around you and within you with patience. And this faith and belief boost your self-esteem. Hospitals in major cities of Pakistan now have psychologists, in this article we are going to discuss the best hospital in Multan for treatment of mental sickness.  

What is mental health?

Just like physical health means our body’s ability to perform all functions without any pain or difficulty, mental health is our mind’s ability to handle and control emotions, thoughts, and social behavior.

Some people have social anxiety and stress disorders. They cannot socialize easily like other people. In order to be good at socializing you should be at the right place mentally. In anxiety, a person is socially awkward and depression can make a social person dull.

In our society, these issues are not considered illnesses, whereas these are mental illnesses and can lead to further mental and physical issues. In Pakistan, after a long time, people recognize these issues as issues. People have started talking about it and many hospitals now have psychologists to treat mental health issues.  

(MASH) Multan

MASH is the best hospital in Multan for the treatment of mental sickness. Every hospital in major cities of Pakistan has psychologists but Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital has a whole different clinic, especially for mental health called Spring Clinic. It has a separate building apart from the hospital with a qualified staff of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and speech therapists. This service also makes MASH the best private hospital in South Punjab. These are some services provided by Spring Clinic.

Speech therapy

Some children have speech issues while talking and pronouncing words. Some children have this issue inborn and some develop some issues over time. Back in time people used to think these issues were incurable, but with modern speech therapy and pathology, any speech issue can be cured and resolved. Speech therapists take their time with the patient and tell them some mouth exercises to perform to make their speech better. 

MASH is the best hospital in Multan for speech therapy. Speech therapists at Spring Clinic make sure to treat children in the best way possible. It is very important to make children comfortable with the environment first, and the staff at the clinic is very friendly and empathetic.

Therapy sessions for depression & anxiety

Depression and anxiety can make a person really sick. They can make a happening and social person dull and a hesitant person more mentally ill. And unfortunately, most of our population, especially young people, are suffering from this issue. There are a lot of tensions and stress out there, the pressure of studies, the stress of career and job, the tension of surviving in this economy. Anything can make a person depressed or anxious.

Psychologists at Spring Clinic understand that, and they try to help people out through psychotherapy. Many people get help from psychotherapy, it is a slow process and takes some time but it helps people in the long term. And the vision of the spring clinic is not just to treat the illness but to improve the quality of life of the patients.  

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