If you are in the travel business, you know that every travel and tourism company is working hard to get its share of the travel market. So unless your travel business stands out, it can be difficult to grab the customer’s attention. That is where email leads lists, and a sound email marketing strategy come in. Not only is email an effective way to communicate your services to new customers, but you can also retain existing customers through email marketing. The travel industry is profitable and expected to grow in revenues. This article will tell you the benefits of using email leads to get the most out of this thriving industry.

Email lead lists allow you to reach customers through their mobile devices

When a person is traveling, the one communication device, they will always have with them is their phone; this allows them to continually check their email multiple times a day even when they are on the go. When you have email lead lists, you can stay in touch with them letting them know that your service is available to them. Striking the iron when it is hot is essential, and while a traveler might be too busy to pick up your call, they can still check their email at the end of the day. As customers continuously look for new destinations using their smartphone, sending emails to travelers containing destinations and how to reach them can increase your chances of success.

Companies such as List Giant have fresh traveler email leads for sale containing email addresses of individuals interested in travel and tourism. All you have to do is create an email marketing strategy to offer the right travel package.  

Email lead lists can be segmented for a more personalized email campaign

Targeted email lists can be segmented further based on the interest of the leads and their travel history. Once you have segmented the email list, you can send emails containing offers that appeal to that specific segment. For example, if an address in your email marketing lists has shown interest in international tourism in the past, you can send them offers exclusively for international tourism.  

Email lead lists allow you to send pre-arrival and follow up emails

Pre-arrival and post-arrival emails are meant to be sent to customers that have booked their trip with your company. You can send pre-arrival emails as a token of your hospitality containing useful information about the trip. Similarly, follow-up emails can be sent to either ask for feedback on the travelers’ experience or simply be sent to say thank you to the travelers who booked their trip with your company.

Pre-arrival emails are also a great way to introduce services to your clients because customers are likely to book an add on just before the trip. For example, suppose your travel company offers a unique adventure experience that might go well with the trip the customer has planned. In that case, a pre-arrival email is the right email to introduce the adventure package.

Email marketing is simple yet effective

The most significant benefit of having a targeted email marketing list is that it is easy to use your email list to create and send emails for your email marketing campaign. You can use free email marketing templates to create emails and send them out to customers looking for travel opportunities.  Email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing option out there, making it perfect for a small travel company.