1. Is it better for PUBG to be played on a mobile device or on a PC?

Some gamers may have played PUBG on mobile devices but they don’t realize that it is better to play it on a computer. Before you start arguing, here are some reasons why many players choose the PUBG Mobile lite PC version.

  • Graphics PUBG New STATE APK is a mind-blowing program that optimizes the resolution of a computer. What’s more? Even if you set Ultra on the mobile version, the computer version is still lightyears ahead. The laptop version can even run 1080p HD gaming.
  • The player experience: You will feel like you’re on the battlefield, taking down your enemies and spotting them with incredible precision. Unfortunately, the feeling is not as strong when you try it on your phone. This is how it works: Large-screen cinemas are more enjoyable than regular TVs at home.
  • Detail-oriented design You will see additional details when you compare these media. To fill in empty spaces, you will find extra small rooms such as bathrooms and closets. You won’t see it if you are playing it on your mobile device.

2. Play PUBG Mobile without the need to download the app

You now know why you should do it on your laptop. You will need the Gameloop official software installed on your computer to get started. MirrorGo features allow you to play mobile games on your computer without having to download the desktop version. It also has keyboard features that allow you to control the game using your keyboard and mouse, as we will see. This feature makes it easy to customize any key.

You can follow these steps to get the PUBG Mobile PC Version:

Step 1 Open Google Play Store from your smartphone and download PUBG Mobile.

Step 2 Download, Install and Launch the MirrorGo App on Your Computer.

Step 3 Connect your USB cable to your smartphone, then to your computer. Go to Settings > Developer Options on your smartphone MirrorGo and check UDP Debugging.