Let us just be honest for a moment, shall we? Behind most garage doors, you will find a messy situation – piles of unorganized junk. If this sounds familiar, then you might want to know how to get your garage in order. And this is exactly what we are about to tell you.

Read on to learn more!

One Section at a Time!

The question is how to clean and organize the garage? It is recommended to move everything out of the garage – even if it is from one section or one side of the garage. The goal is to totally declutter that area. Often, people assume that they have to do the whole garage in one go – this is not true!

Make sure that you are just starting with one small area, and you can work your way throughout two weeks or an entire month to get the entire garage done. After clearing one section of the garage, you can use a battery-powered blower to blow out any sort of debris. You can also use a broom at your convenience.

Sort All Items

This is when you go through everything and identify the different piles where you want the item to go. Basically, you will have a YES pile and a NO pile. The No pile can either go to the trash or to donation – if you want, you can also put the things up for sale and make money from it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making money from a yard or garage sale. You can, however, also make a “maybe” file – this file includes the items that you are not very sure about whether you want to keep or trash.

Use Open Shelves

To create some organization on the garage wall, pour some hot water mixed with soap in a bucket to clean the garage wall. After cleaning the wall, you can install open shelves. The primary benefit of installing open wall shelves is that these allow for more storage while keeping things accessible.

As a rule of thumb, while storing the things on the shelves, make sure to store the most-used items, tools, and equipment at the front, whereas the least used equipment and tools should be placed in the back of the shelves.

You can place access mats underneath the shelves for a comfortable feel while you walk and move around the garage.

Make a Floorplan

This step involves making a floorplan by actually planning out the garage space before bringing everything back inside the garage. This is important as it will help you identify your goals for the garage space.

However, the floorplan depends on how many vehicles you are going to park inside the garage and what you will do with the rest of the space. You might want to divide the garage space into four sections – the car sections, the storage space, the workspace, and the space where the most-used things are easily accessible.

Trust us – an organized and decluttered garage space will make things look so much better, and you will love being in your garage again.