Carpets have a great number of advantages. First, they are very easy to maintain. No need to vacuum or sweep. Just a simple push of the button and they are good as new. This is why carpets and flooring are used by more than 75% of homes in Dubai.

Benefit of carpets and flooring

The second benefit of carpets and flooring in Dubai is that it enhances the looks of the place. Carpets in Dubai have this exotic look, which is not available in other cities of the world. Due to their beauty and elegance, the presence of carpets is considered as a status symbol. As mentioned earlier, carpets are easy to maintain and clean.

Carpets Dubai also keep the noise levels down inside the house. Carpets on floors absorb noise very well. This helps people to sleep comfortably and with ease. It is easy to install carpets over concrete and stone flooring in Dubai. This helps home owners to convert their homes into virtual palaces with carpets on every nook and corner.

Carpets and its benefits do not end here. They offer maximum comfort to the users due to their thick padding. Carpets in Dubai are made from top quality wool, cotton, jute, silk and synthetic fibers. Different types of carpets are available in Dubai, according to the tastes and requirements of its residents.

Different types of Carpets

In addition, there are several types of carpets like Persian carpets, Oriental carpets, Australian and New Zealand carpets, karastan carpet and so on. Each type of carpet has its own features but all of them provide the same benefits. According to a survey, the carpet industry in Dubai has grown at an alarming rate in the past few years. With more developments in the field, the carpet industry in Dubai is all set to take up more territory in the global market.

Carpets and its benefits in Dubai are not limited to floors. Covers, carpets and rugs also play an important role in the beautification of homes. Home owners can decorate their houses using beautiful carpets like the ones found in Dubai. The city’s climate allows residents to enjoy the warm weather with the help of indoor or outdoor carpets.

Carpets and their benefits in Dubai are not limited to floors alone. They have become an integral part of interior designing in the city. Covers, carpets and rugs are used to decorate couches, dinning rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. People can choose from luxurious cushions made of silk, jute, wool or cotton to create a unique motif in their homes. In addition to this, customized carpets in trendy and unique patterns are also available for trendy customers.

Different Uses of Carpets

The importance of carpets can be understood from the fact that they absorb noise and heat and prevent people from feeling hot or cold due to dampness. Carpets are preferred over hardwood flooring because they are soft and do not trap body oils and dirt easily. Moreover, the city has some of the best carpet manufacturers in the world. These companies provide carpet dealers and carpet wholesalers who ensure quality and durability. A visit to Dubai will make one realize that carpets in Dubai are manufactured in a much cheaper scale than in most other parts of the world. Carpets and its benefits in Dubai are tremendous and one simply cannot ignore them.

Carpets made in Dubai are available at all leading carpet stores. They offer carpets and rugs of all brands. The range includes indoor and outdoor carpets that are well-suited for residential homes, hotels, clubs, hospitals and industries. Carpet Dubai dealers and wholesalers in Dubai ensure that customers get the perfect fit for their homes. Most of the dealers have a team of skilled technicians who carefully measure the area to install carpets and then charge reasonable prices.

Carpets and its benefits in Dubai are highlighted from the point of view of safety. Carpet Dubai can help to save electricity in offices and at home. The absence of hardwood flooring can reduce the risk of accidents and serious burns. Employees in the office can sit on a carpet instead of using a chair or a desk. Kids will also love to sit on a carpet, as it is soft, comfortable and safe. Furthermore, carpets in Dubai help to improve the air quality in the city and this helps to keep air pollution at bay.


For all these benefits, carpets in Dubai are expensive. It is possible for first time buyers to source cheap carpets and have them installed by experienced carpet dealers in Dubai. However, experience carpets dealers and suppliers in Dubai should be hired only if one is aware of the market. A good carpet dealer or supplier should be able to negotiate with the seller for discounts on the price of carpets.