Nose pins or famously also called nose rings have been an integral part of Indian culture. Traditionally women at their marriageable age would get their nose pierced so that they can wear a big round nose ring famously called ‘nath’ during the wedding. However, in the recent past, we noticed a change in the way wearing nose pins or rings is perceived by modern women and the designs are getting a modern makeover so that these can be worn even with your jeans, Kurti, formal skirts, or even the jumpsuits. If you want to jump the bandwagon and get your nose pierced, but don’t know what are the different styles available, then here’s a guide we have put together just for you.

1. Floral Nose Studs: Floral motifs and patterns have always been associated with feminism, hence they find a place at the top of our list. Nose studs with a small flower pattern, petals, or even leaves have been a favorite choice of many women because these are cute, trendy, and you are guaranteed to fetch lovely compliments from family and friends. These match well with trendy kurtas or even indo-western outfits and sit best on a nose that’s slightly bigger or wider. For more design inspirations, you can visit the Melorra website for buying gold nosepins that are trendy, comfortable, modern, and affordable. 

2. Diamond Studs: Diamond nose studs are the most popular choice among several women. A tiny ball of diamond in your nose can elevate the look of your face and is highly sophisticated to look at. Working women prefer wearing diamond-studded elegant gold studs because it seamlessly blends with the formal blouses, pantsuits or even sleek pencil skirts. The best part about diamond nose pins is that they make your face look pretty and it suits all types of face shapes. Looking for a genuine website for buying diamond nosepins? Check out Melorra! 

3. Simple Gold Semi-Hoop Ring: In the earlier times, gold nose rings were thought to be part of rural Indian women, however, urban dwellers have also taken a fancy to simple gold semi-hoop rings. For some women gold, semi-hoop rings are a sign of being a rebel who likes to break free from the stereotypical society. Women with a round face can wear this semi-hoop nose ring to give it an elongated look. These days these hoops also come studded with diamonds or other precious and semi-precious gemstones for a more fashionable look. 

4. U-Bent Nose Pin: Nose studs and rings are not your style type? No problem then try the u-bent nose pins. U-bent nose pins can easily be adjusted, and the ones with geometrical shapes, adorable patterns, floral motifs are catching up fast on-trend. These are can be also be worn without having a nose piercing, allowing you to sport different patterns with a different outfit every single day to look upbeat.


Now that you know the popular nose pin designs, we hope you pick the right nose pin for the right occasion to lay more emphasis on beautifying your face.