Professional and reliable courier services, undoubtedly serve as the backbone of any well-established e-commerce setup. This is why most e-commerce setups outsource their fulfilment and delivery services to enjoy uninterrupted deliveries of their goods. That too, on a timely basis. The type of courier service a business requires depends on the demands of its customers and the areas they cater to. It is important to know that different courier companies offer different types of services. 

Some of the main services that are popularly offered by courier companies are:

Packaging Services

The majority of courier companies offer packaging services to their clients. This practice is particularly common in companies that offer international delivery as they have to get the goods properly wrapped before dispatching them.

Getting your goods packed by the courier companies ensures their safe and sound delivery. Furthermore, when you engage a courier company to provide packaging for your goods, then protecting them from any external damage is their responsibility. This part of the service is quite beneficial as there are fat chances that the package might suffer damage due to any bumps and knocks while delivering.

Standard Courier Service

Standard courier service is suitable for clients who don’t need to get their goods urgently delivered. This type of delivery service usually takes some days for delivering your packages. However, it is highly suitable for those who are tight on a budget as they’re comparatively cheaper. The courier companies usually provide an estimated time frame to their clients during which the goods will be delivered.

International Deliveries

Nowadays, almost all courier services offer international shipping. Using this delivery service, you can conveniently send your goods anywhere across the world; thus, taking your setup to a global level. Because of this service, many businesses that previously used to target local markets have started establishing their presence globally.

Same Day Delivery

As the name suggests same-day delivery service is the type of delivery service using which you can effortlessly send your goods to your customers within the same day. This particular type is very popular in big cities especially when you want to dispatch a set of documents at the eleventh hour. Likewise, companies that deal in the food sector use this particular service. As getting the food delivered the same day is convenient both for the customer and the business owner.

Door to Door Collection Services

Another important type of courier service that most of the newly developed e-commerce start-ups use is door-to-door delivery. Using this service, you not only deliver your goods to your customer’s doorstep but you also collect money on spot. Because of the door-to-door courier service, nowadays many businesses are offering COD i.e. Cash on Delivery as well.

Warehouse or Fulfillment Services

Similarly, many courier services that have large set-ups also offer storing facilities to their clients. Using this service, the business owners can use up the space available in the warehouse of the courier service provider. Likewise, many courier service providers also offer fulfillment services using which they get to manage all the goods of their clients.

If you engage a courier service to provide you fulfillment services, they’ll not only deliver your goods but also manage your inventory. However, if you hire warehouse services offered by a courier company, then you only get to use up the space you pay for along with delivery services. 

These days, many business owners tend to opt for services such as IQ Fulfillment for the convenience they offer. 

Parcel Tracking

Another service that courier service providers offer these days is the live tracking of your parcels. This service comes in quite handy for the customers as they can actually the real-time location of their parcel. Making use of the latest GPS technology, the courier companies make it possible to see the step-by-step movement of your goods.

This feature is very useful particularly if you are waiting for a parcel to arrive from another country. Through this courier tracking feature, you will be able to track each and every step of your package from transit to custom clearance and will also know the date and time it will be delivered to your doorstep.