Regarded by many as Nepal’s best trek, the Manaslu Circuit Trek offers an Annapurna-like package of spectacular views, incredibly rugged scenery, and a high pass crossing at Larkya La (5100m) but without crowds. The Manaslu trek is both geographically spectacular and culturally fascinating. The life and culture here are majorly influenced by the Tibetan culture as they are close to each other. The journey of Manaslu Circuit trek is adventurous as it requires walking on the steep and rough and in some places through a path that hangs on the bluff high above the river. All in all Manaslu Circuit Trek is an interesting trek that requires a lot of attention. Hence, in this article, we shall be discussing the 5 best tips for the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

When To Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is best during spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). One can never get over the lush and colorful trails of Manaslu during the spring season. Likewise, the wonders that are seen under the clear skies during the autumn is simply breathtaking. The trek can opt during winter (December to February) too but it is very important to have good gears and experience to do the trek in these times. Weather is extremely cold and testing too. However, it is not suggested to trek during summer/monsoon seas due to the danger of landslides. Overall, it is truly up to you and your preferred choice of weather. Nonetheless, choosing the best time is one of the helpful tips for making a beautiful trekking journey.

How To Avoid Health Hazard

Manaslu is a high altitude trek with a rough and steep path with rugged terrain. So it is very important to approach the trek carefully. The chances of getting altitude sickness are quite high. Henceforward, drinking at least 3-4 liters of water per day is important, do not rush the trek, and do not drink alcoholic drinks on the journey. Listen to the guide and avoid any mishaps as much as possible.

Restricted Trekking Area Permit

You need a restricted area permit to trek in the Manaslu region which can be only organized by a trekking company in Nepal. You must trek with a registered guide in a group of two or more. Therefore, solo trekking is prohibited so choosing a reliable travel agency is a significant part of the journey. One can get in touch with Nepal Hiking Team, a supreme trekking agency based in Nepal has one of the excellent expert team of trekking guides who are familiar with every mountain of Nepal.

Be ready to see the stunning landscapes at the same time encounter breathtaking paths

It is no doubt that the trail of Manaslu Circuit Trek is quite stunning however some parts of the journey are thrilling. The journey traverses through deep gorges and routes that are literally narrow to fit two vehicles and directly look down to roaring rivers. So get ready to get amazed and encounter the daring and exhilarating experience solely offered by rugged routes only.

Get the best trekking gear

Manaslu Circuit Trail as mentioned above goes through extremely rugged terrain. So it is best to bring your best trekking shoes with a nice grip and trekking clothes that will save you from the crispy and chill mountain air. Similarly, if you are thinking of doing Manaslu Circuit Trek in winter, crampons, gaiters are some of the important trekking gears. It is best if you have them all prepared at home before leaving for the trek, nonetheless, if you are short on time then you can rent the equipment from the trekking gear shop in Thamel. There are plenty of them.

Overall, Manaslu trek is complex due to its inaccessibility nature. Nevertheless, it is truly a bewildering trek full of lively experiences. Other than the above mentioned, carrying Nepalese currency and wearing two layers of clothes is another important tip for Manaslu Circuit Trek. And lastly, it is a challenger trek to Everest and Annapurna as it entails true adventures of navigating around the eight highest peaks in the world.