Purchasing used machinery is one of the most difficult decisions that you can make. Many factors could affect the value of your investment. You will need to consider the longevity, conditions, work expectancy, and maintenance of any machinery you may be interested in purchasing.

There are many good reasons to shop for used machinery, the most important being the great value available for a very low price. But the only way to obtain this high value for a good price is with experience and skill in the used machinery markets. The topic is sufficient to fill a lengthy compendium of wisdom, nevertheless, we will attempt to list the most important details in this short article.

Here are the most important things to know about making any used machinery investments.

What is the reputation of the seller

As we have mentioned, the used machinery market is fraught with opportunity. By the same measure, this opportunity is not always in your favor. Just as many honest sellers are looking to give a fair price for quality machines, there are plenty of opportunistic sellers looking to rid themselves of useless garbage in exchange for a dishonest buck.

This is where the reputation of the dealer can play an important role in choosing the right seller for your needs. The very best offers can be found from small-time dealers with many years of experience in the industry. Look for what previous clients, auctioneers, and other professionals have said about their selection of products, the reliability of their machines, surplus equipment, and customer service.

How old is the used industrial machine

No machine invented has an immortal life span, most will begin suffering faults and flaws within their first few decades of use. The attrition of these machines will begin the second the machine has left the factory and entered the duty roster. The longer the machine works, the lower its operational lifespan. Repairs and maintenance must be applied to machines to preserve their longevity and operational value. These machines also need replacement of parts like kohler ch14s carburetor as and when needed. Many machine owners are very good at providing this proper maintenance, but not all.

Once a machine begins to start having small problems, many owners will seek to sell their inventory and get new machines. This is where the used machine market comes into play. Now a well-maintained machine may only be at 50% of its service life or even less. But a poorly kept machine could be on its last legs and you will be paying to transfer it to the recycling center.

This is why it is so important to know about the machine’s previous owners, the type of work it saw, how much maintenance it received, if any parts were replaced, etc. The more you know about the machine the better your decision will be. Most importantly, you will need to buy your machine from a company that keeps these types of records on the machines they sell.

Request for the record of maintenance.

And this brings us to our very next point.

When it comes to purchasing used industrial machinery, regular maintenance is the key between a reliable machine that will continue to function well and a piece of junk that will sputter a couple of times before croaking its final croak.

With this in mind, it is a good idea for you to get ahold of the maintenance history for any machine you are hoping to buy. Ask how often it was serviced and by whom. Was the service applied professionally or by DIY enthusiasts? How often was the machine modified to suit its workload? What modifications were made? Has it needed replacement parts or components? The answers to these questions and more will give you a good insight into the conditions of the machine and the issues you will be facing in the future.

Are you permitted to see it in person

Don’t just take the word of your friendly used machine dealer, the real taste is getting to look at it. You should be able to see the machine especially if the supplier you are working with has local branches. Even if you are working with an online dealer, it may be worth the trip if you are buying an especially costly piece of machinery. You may even want to take a machine expert.

Although, this is not typically necessary when working with the most reputable online machinery dealers.

Make sure it is the test run before you purchase

You will learn more about the machine you are interested in buying if you can see it in operations. The big mistake that most people make with these machines is that they don’t get to see them in operation and this can lead to very early breakdowns and disappointment. Avoid this by asking to see the machines in operation before you make any purchase.

Watch out for the signs of wear and tear

The fact that you are buying used, doesn’t mean you can’t buy top-quality as well. Industrial machinery generally starts to malfunction on the very first day of operations. Sometimes the signs of damage and age can be detected.

As with most mechanical issues, one small problem can lead to many more if it is allowed to go unchecked. It will be important to be on the lookout for these signs of disrepair before you make your purchase. At least you will know what type of service your machine will need.

Possible transfer of software program license

Some industrial machinery will also require a software transfer. You will need to consider how the license for the machine and the essential software will be transferred to your organization. If this is not possible, you may need to consider the cost of purchasing new software.