It is a never-ending debate to follow where we subject PlayStation 4 and Xbox gaming consoles to comparison when both of them are almost similar in their build-up. You can play Madden 22 crossplay on both consoles, it is easier to have access to many other games on these consoles as well and both of them share almost similar features as well. But still, PS4 cut an edge over Xbox and here we will discuss why.

PS4 has more games than Xbox

When it comes to playing the variety of games certainly PS4 wins the point over the Microsoft console and we can play more games on PlayStation than on Xbox. So if you are fond of playing different games on your gaming consoles then just go for PS4 only. So if you want to enjoy more count of games then PS4 is your calling for sure.

PlayStation is lighter in weight as compared to Xbox

When it comes to the compactness and weight of the gaming console PlayStation is way lighter than Xbox which is again giving PS4 leverage over the Xbox. Although it does not make much difference to the weight subjective comparison gives an edge to PS4. Those who are often carrying the gaming consoles along find it hard to carry heavy consoles of Xbox and that is why they prefer only Sony PlayStation to buy as the best gaming consoles to meet their purpose.

The remote controller of Xbox is not that user-friendly like PS4

Xbox gaming consoles is having a very obsolete and outdated remote controller which does not allow the player to use it free hand and with utmost comfort. You have to put effort carefully into using the controller while playing the game which causes discomfort. People who want to play like a pro find hurdles and obstacles to playing games on Xbox as it does not give that proficiency owing to the poor remote controller.

PlayStation holds high resolution than Xbox consoles

When it comes to the resolution of the consoles we can blindly trust PlayStation from Sony as compared to Microsoft’s Xbox This is because the resolution of the PS4 is way better than the earlier. We cannot say that Xbox is having very poor resolution and graphics but then they are not that must good when we subject the two gaming consoles to comparison with each other. People buy PS4 for this purpose by leaving the Xbox as their second choice when it comes to buying gaming consoles.

PS4 is comparatively easy to use owing to fewer changes in the user interface

A lot of experiments has been made by Xbox since its first gaming console came into the market and it baffles users every time when Microsoft soft up with a new series of gaming console. On the contrary, PlayStation does not cause such trouble to its users and Sony is very careful about committing such blunders. The user interface of PS4 is quite similar with very minor improvements since the time gaming consoles came into the market. So we can say that due to the effective user interface people prefer PlayStation over Xbox.

High storage opportunities in PS4 as compared to Xbox

The storage opportunities that PS4 gives as compared to Xbox are marvelous and cannot be ignored when choosing one out of PS4 and Xbox. The expansion of storage though possible for both the gaming consoles but as compared to the Xbox, the PS4 offers more expansion for the storage which is again another lucrative feature we can have in PlayStation compared to the Xbox.

So on a subjective comparison for both the gaming consoles we can say that PS4 is cutting an edge over the Microsoft gaming consoles owing to multiple reasons. But if you are not that much bothered about good resolution, high storage, and comfortable remote controller for your gaming console then there is hardly any difference in buying any of them. Just make sure that you are making a wise selection based on your choices and do not pay much attention to the minor things which make no difference. Both the gaming consoles share the same features and thus you can go with any of them.