The average load time for 3G-connected mobile sites was 19 seconds, according to research conducted on over 10,000 Mobile Web domains. Consequently, as businesses sought innovative methods to keep their goods interesting, new proprietary mobile web formats appeared. Publishers said they wouldn’t keep up with a trend when each corporation creates its own unique design.

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What is Google’s AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, is a technology that allows websites to load quickly on mobile devices. It is a technique for building web pages with static content that renders rapidly. For example, in 3-4 seconds, if a website is not loaded, 30 per cent of users exit the page. AMP works with the most influential brands on the Internet and uses the latest technology. Most of the best SEO service providers in Bangalorehave great knowledge about creating AMP pages to boost ranking.

Which Sites Should Implement AMP?

On desktop, AMP pages work, but they lack rich features and aren’t provided via the AMP Cache. If you already have “newsy” content on AMP, it’s worth optimizing it until AMP no longer controls the top stories carousel. Examine if AMP websites dominate top stories in your sector or whether non-AMP sites often rank alongside them.

The Advantages of Using Google AMP

●      AMP pages are open to the public and exist beyond Google.

To begin, we’d like to explain how AMP works. AMP pages aren’t tied to any Google products and work simply like any other web page. They may be immediately viewed, linked to, and crawled by several search engines. (AMP sites are connected by Bing, Google, and Yahoo Japan!) Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest are just a few social media companies that employ the format to ensure that their users have a consistently quick and seamless loading experience.

In addition, AMP pages do not distract attention from other websites solely to benefit Google. Instead, every visit is a chance for a publisher to show advertisements or convert a casual reader into a devoted subscriber.

●      Faster loading page for mobile users

Given that AMP was established, for this reason, it should come as no surprise that one of the critical advantages of website pages generated with it is that they load quickly on mobile devices. It is essential since studies indicate that mobile visitors quit websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load; thus, companies who use AMP may reduce mobile abandonment rates and enhance conversions. The technical knowledge of the professional best SEO agencies in Bangaloreis very good and it allows the websites to gain quality traffic through these pages.

●      Publishers have full control over the aspects of their AMP pages.

The publisher has almost complete control over their page’s monetization approach, from content display to underlying monetization with AMP. Publishers control how their material appears on Google, including the length of the brief description (known as a snippet) and the addition or removal of photos and videos.

AMP has no licensing costs, and all traffic data is sent to the publisher immediately. Publishers may gather the same information as they would for any other web page using most of the usual tools available, and 80 analytics vendors now support AMP.

●      Lower bounce rate on-site and increased average time

Visitors spend more time on the website as the performance becomes better, minimizing your bounce rate. While a decreased bounce rate isn’t the essential ranking element for your SEO efforts, it does signal search engines that your pages deliver on their promises so that your target audience finds them useful.

If visitors aren’t engaged, a website isn’t successful. While your website’s content must appeal to users, the quality of your content will be irrelevant if your website’s load speeds are poor. People will linger on your site longer if load times are improved, signing up for a subscription or making a purchase.

●      The Potential for Increased Ad Views References

If you’re a publisher or news website experiencing trouble with SEO, adding AMP may help. It will enable your website pages to be displayed in the Google News carousel, which takes precedence over the multitude of mobile searches. The carousel of Google News will focus more on the webpage.

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