The physical therapy industry is worth about $33 billion. Millions of patients visit physical therapists for treatment of back pain, injury recovery, and muscular imbalances.

If there are issues with your bones or muscles, physical therapists can help. They’re often referred to by doctors to manage chronic issues.

You end up with a better range of motion, reduced pain, improved posture, and a higher quality of life.

If that sounds good to you, you’ll probably wonder, “How much does physical therapy cost?”

Read on to find the answer.

How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost?

The average physical therapy session is between $100 and $200. That doesn’t mean that’s how much you’ll pay out of pocket.

You may have insurance coverage for physical therapy. In that case, you’ll only have a co-pay, which ranges between $20 and $50 per session.

They may need to use equipment for treatment such as ultrasound machines. In that case, you’ll have additional costs.

Physical therapists may recommend rehab tools such as foam rollers, resistance bands, crutches, kinesiology tape, or an exercise ball.

Your insurance isn’t likely to cover these items. See if your physical therapist can recommend ways to find these items for little money.

Tips to Reduce the Cost of Seeing a Physical Therapist

The best way to get the care you need and reduce the out-of-pocket cost of physical therapy is to have an insurance policy that covers it.

If that’s not possible, you do have other options to reduce the cost of your sessions. Some physical therapy clinics offer a sliding scale for patients that pay cash.

They’re willing to reduce their rates for treatment sessions because they don’t have to deal with insurance paperwork and wait to get paid.

Another possibility is to pay for one or two sessions. During these sessions, pay close attention to the treatment plan and exercise instructions.

Get a list of exercises to do on your own outside of the sessions.

This isn’t recommended unless you’re fully committed to following the instructions and doing the exercises on your own.

Otherwise, you’re only going to prolong the issues.

Finding the Best Physical Therapist

How can you find the best physical therapist for your issues? Start by getting a referral from your doctor.

Contact your insurance company to see if physical therapy is covered and what your co-pay is.

If your treatment is covered, look for physical therapists in the provider’s network. Look online for physical therapists and read the reviews of different clinics.

Visit their websites to learn more about their specializations. For instance, this site covers everything from knee pain to concussion management.

Look for providers that specialize in the area of treatment you need.

Make Going to Physical Therapy Affordable

Physical therapy can make it easy to recover from nagging issues and help you improve your overall quality of life.

How much does physical therapy cost? It depends on several variables, such as insurance and the type of treatment.

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