Schema Mark-up is a new age and powerful way of doing Search Engine Optimization that can give a boost in the number of hits your webpage can get. Schema Mark-up is a code or a snippet that helps search engines understand your webpage content in a better manner, thereby helping the search engines prefer your webpage or better represent your webpage during online searches.

The SEO agencies like Aegiiz Technologies which is the best SEO company in Coimbatore are always on the lookout for new updates and changes to SEO methods. As the new year approaches and your business makes big decisions about advancing its online marketing plans, consider a small nudge in the right direction to help you prepare for the year ahead.

Here’s how Schema Mark-up boosts your SEO:

1. Schema Tells Search Engines What Data Means

Typically, Search Engines work on the concept of indexing and page ranking. So, content that is optimized to rank higher in indexes tends to be displayed first. Using Schema Mark-up with the help of SEO experts in Singapore, you get to add micro-data that is an enhanced description of the contents on the website. Such a snippet tells the search engine what the webpage content is.

For e.g – If the website represents a construction company, using a Schema snippet of ‘construction’, you can tell a search engine that the webpage refers to something in construction and provides your webpage among the top results when someone searches for construction.

Schema mark-up thus helps the search engine understand what the webpage represents rather than plain text. While your page rankings do not change, the snippets or descriptions make your web pages appear more prominently and improve the click-through rates.

2. Schema uses Unique Semantic Vocabulary in Microdata Format

Schema Mark-up doesn’t necessitate you to learn another programming language. You can use simple HTML programming to enable Schema Mark-up. All you need to do is to use a vocabulary to the HTML microdata. Since Schema has been collaboratively developed by all search engines, the ways of adding mark-ups to all search engines are similar.

The SEO experts in Singapore give a large number of structured data and formats (microdata formats) that you need to add to the HTML code of your webpage. Tools like Google’s structured data markup helper can help you build the schema mark-up faster without much effort.

3. Schema Mark-up provides extensive rich snippets

Schema mark-up provides a large collection of rich snippets that provide higher click-through rates compared to regular search results, thereby driving more traffic to the desired website. Some commonly used rich snippet content types are Reviews, Recipes, Music, Product mark-up, organization name, How-to, Product type, FAQ mark-up, and so on, etc. These extensive rich snippets when combined with structured data and vocabulary as in, SEO experts in Singapore can give a major boost to your webpage. In the hands of a decent programmer, this powerful kind of SEO can do wonders in short amounts of time compared to other SEO techniques.

4. Schema Mark-Up Helps in Local Business

You can add a Local business structured data schema mark-up code to your local business website so that search engines can easily identify that you are a local business providing a specific service or product, thereby helping you optimize your website for local SEO. Local Business Schema and SEO experts in Singapore can help you optimize your website on specific content areas like ‘type of local business, ‘geo’, ‘locality’, ‘similar to’, etc.

5. Schema Mark-up was invented for users

The SERP of a website with schema mark-up easily shows what a website is about, location, costs, and other things, thereby simplifying how users can access data. Schema Mark-up thus seems to be a powerful SEO technique that shall be used for a long time in years to come and will be replacing other SEO techniques soon.

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