The world of business and retail is filled with stories about customers and business owners going head to head in anger. It can be so easy to let customers down, and ultimately that lets your business down too.

If you’re wondering how to have happy customers who keep coming back to your business for more. You’re in the right place. These easy tips will have people raving out your business with positive reviews because of your skills and personality.

1. Get Back to Potential Clients Quickly

The number one piece of advice about running a business is to respond to clients! So many businesses lose opportunities simply by not getting back to potential clients. Set up an answering machine. Respond to messages as soon as you get into the office each day.

Even if you’re overbooked, get back in touch with people and let them know. They’ll remember your promptness and courtesy next time they need your service.

2. Be Knowledgable

Make sure every single member of your team has the most knowledge possible. People can tell when someone is missing information, and it makes them nervous – even if it’s just the secretary answering calls!

3. Be Personal and Individual

People like being treated like people. It’s a simple piece of business advice but it goes a long way. Take an interest in what you notice about them. Compliment their outfit. Ask about their life in otherwise quiet moments. Create a relationship with them that goes beyond your service.

In the moment when they need your service again they’re far more likely to call the person they enjoyed spending time with than the person they have no real memory of.

4. Encourage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews help you in two ways. Number one, if you have good reviews, new customers are more likely to choose you and go into the process already feeling confident in the outcome. A confident customer is one who is more likely to be happy with your service when you meet expectations.

You also get a very quick and accurate idea of what you could improve from negative reviews. Take reviews seriously, and treat every single one as an opportunity for improvement. Reach out to dissatisfied customers graciously to fix any problems they may have had. By responding to reviews, you can make even dissatisfied customers into returning customers. has a great guide to getting more reviews for your business from real happy customers. You should never buy reviews, and by following good business practices and having happy customers, you won’t need to!

5. Offer Rewards

Let your customers know that you appreciate them! Create incentives for repeat customers or high spenders. With this simple step, you let them know that you want their business and that you are in a symbiotic relationship.

Remember, you can’t function as a business without them. Thank them for it. Even if you don’t have a huge budget for rewards, a holiday card to regularly seen customers goes a long way in solidifying a personal relationship with them.

Happy Customers = Healthy Business

Not only will having happy customers mean that your business will thrive more. You’ll also enjoy your job more! You’ll be creating real connections with other people and feel satisfied that you are good at your job – something everyone wants to be. Keep things personal, strive for excellence and knowledge every step of the way, and offer rewards for customers who support you.

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