Finding staff for a cleaning company can be an extremely difficult process, especially for a company dealing with death cleanup services. Since this specific service is distinguished by extreme working conditions and emotional load, there aren’t many people who are ready to perform this kind of work. However, it’s possible to find the right staff even for carrying out a death cleanup.

So, how can you attract a staff of employees who are motivated, attentive to detail, and ready to do crime scene or death cleanup?

Finding employees for a cleaning company, or to be more precise, the right staff, is more than finding people who can do this or that job. Of course, these people must be professionals. Needless to say, even the best vacuum cleaner will not work properly with the wrong approach.

But how do you find, hire and develop a team that you can trust?

Be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort to find your ideal staff. It would help if you had a strong strategy to attract them. When you offer a job, look for people interested in the benefits of working for your company. You can start the conversation by telling them how much money they can make. If you create such a proposal effectively, you will have a range of candidates. Among them, you will find those future employees who are:

  • Motivated: they really want a job and are ready to carry out such specific services as death cleanup.
  • Ready to learn: they don’t have to be the best cleaners yet. The employee who comes to training with the right attitude will end up being the best.
  • Manageable: they can listen to instructions and communicate any problems they may encounter.
  • Independent: you can rely on them to solve any problem independently and act according to the situation.

Of course, there won’t be many applicants who fit into this pattern. However, you can find the right people for your business.

Practical Tips for finding the right people to perform death cleanup services:

• Write a compelling job offer and try to describe the functions clearly. This will really help to attract new employees.

• If you have a Facebook account, it’s a great way to post your job offer.

• Do not forget about specialized job search sites.

• Contact local job services. Tell them exactly what specialists you are looking for. You may find suitable candidates in their database.

• Talk to your friends and acquaintances about a job. Word of mouth has always been an effective method of advertising.

• Keep your eyes open. If you see great cleaners at another job, don’t be afraid to approach them, start a conversation – you never know, maybe they’re ready to leave their current job and start working for you.

Finding and retaining good employees is a challenge that even the most experienced cleaning company managers and owners face. However, many experts will agree that the effect of high employee turnover on your business goes far beyond the resources spent on hiring and training.