Pod vapes are especially compact vaporizer systems that utilise vape pods instead of an atomizer. This being said, atomizers and pods are essentially the same component, however pods help create a much more compact device, which is why they are popular with cigarette smokers looking to make the vape switch.

What’s more, vape pods use nicotine salts to provide a smoother mouth-to-lung vape hit, with the likes of the Uwell Caliburn Australia has on the market being nicotine-salt compatible.

Let’s find out a little more about these handy little systems and why they are taking the vape market by storm:

Why are pods good for beginners?

Pods are great for beginners or people making the cigarette-vape switch as they are compact and easy to use. They are designed to be an on-the-go, few-hassles system that is far more portable than its box mod counterparts.

Different systems will be made in different ways, but the general idea is that they provide a highly mobile vaping experience for people who enjoy vaping when out and about or socialising with friends.

How do you use a pod vape?

To use a pod vape you just have to fill up the pod, insert it into your pod vaping device and start inhaling. Pod systems are typically draw-activated and this means you don’t have to hold down a button to start inhaling.

This means all you have to do is begin inhaling and the coil will automatically fire up which people making the smoking cessation switch love. It may be worthwhile to remember that pod vapes aren’t the optimal choice for producing thick vapour plumes, as they are designed to give you the nicotine hit as opposed to creating big clouds, but this once again is good for people who want to give smoking a miss.

Are there any problems with the pod system?

Pod systems, unlike their counterparts, do not have replaceable coils, which essentially means you will have to buy a whole new pod vape once the coil runs out. This is okay, as pods are highly affordable these days, but if you want to keep the same vape system that you can keep replacing the coil on then the pod system probably isn’t your best option.

The best thing for many people when it comes to pod vapes is their mobility: whilst it may be a drawback that you have to have to replace the entire pod system as opposed to just the coil, it is great for keeping handy whenever you need to deal with a nicotine craving.

Choosing the right eJuice

Pod system wicks are typically on the smaller side which can be problematic if you are using a juice with a higher amount of VG. Why? Because the wick can have a hard time keeping up and this can provide an unpleasant burning sensation when inhaled.

This being said, as pods are becoming incredibly popular vaping options, manufacturers are producing more pod-friendly, thinner eJuices that are easier to inhale and don’t provide that unwanted burnt that comes with higher VG-content liquids.

The pros are in the form

The pod vape’s slim and compact form is what makes them so popular amongst vapers. They are the best option for when on-the-move, allowing vapers to readily grab their pod kit and start inhaling.

What’s more, their draw-activation system alleviates the annoyance of holding down a button, something which can be very frustrating for people trying to make the switch from smoking cigarettes.