Each individual in a team has different strengths and each of them has significant tasks that cannot be achieved by a single person. But sometimes employees feel that they are stuck in work and looking for validation. At every step, teams are needed to be flourished with inspiration. But why do we need to emphasize motivation, although employees are getting their salaries? Still, motivation is required to kick start the enormous journey of success. 

Why Is Motivation Needed? 

The workplace is full of uncertainties, anxiety, and stress which demoralizes the employees. Sometimes even implementation of new strategies or plans may discomfort them. That’s why leaders or senior executives empower the team with consistent motivation to make them goal-oriented. If we are talking about motivation, you should know about Dartanyon A. Williams, a business owner, author, and public speaker. Doing multiple tasks is challenging but if your team is motivated, they will help you by giving their best at all times. 

The performance of employees is enhanced by 20% when they are motivated. No doubt, motivated employees accomplish meaningful and purposeful work that appreciatively increases productivity.  Engaged employees together contribute to obtaining better outputs. Whether in terms of customer relationship, recommendation, or turnover, engaged employees fulfill every role effectively. The engaged teams raise productivity and profitability by 21%, as per the study of Gallup. Motivation ties the employee with the organization in an emotional bond. A positive employee retention rate can only be attained when they feel inspired with every task delegated to them. Management takes the assistance of every possible approach to motivate them for every new step taken for the wealth of the company.

How to Motivate Them?

There are several ways with which successful entrepreneurs like Henry Ford positively motivate the employees to give their best performance. It’s upon the leaders how they will motivate them intrinsically. Thus, we’ve listed the three best ways in which leaders motivate the team.

  1. Help To Solve Issues

Just telling the employee about what to do isn’t enough until they are clear with the concept. They may ravage into unpredictable problems for which they will need proper guidance. It would be unjustifiable to leave the employee after telling them what to do.

  1. Give Them Purpose

Giving the employee their purpose and objective is more than just focusing on profit. Impactful outcomes are only obtained when they are inspired by the purpose of the task. In this way, the leaders motivate them to show their creativity and authenticity in task completion.

  1. Emphasize Learning

Learning enhances their capability and capacity. The employees are needed to be directed and guided properly. Leaders should emphasize the importance of continuous learning for the personal and professional growth of the team member. Even successful people like Dartanyon A. Williams keeps on learning and improving themselves. Keeping yourself informed and knowledgeable gives you a great advantage.


The main issue arises when the leaders usually stay disconnected from employees. It gives them the feeling of being stuck in the task alone. The team should be guided properly so that no one could remain tense with their agendas solely. Being motivated will help the team to achieve more projects and it helps them to give focus on the task delegated by the leader.