The visit visa is commonly known as a Standard visitor visa UK. There could be a number of reasons to travel to the UK. The standard visitor visa allows an individual to travel to the UK for about 6 months. During this time one can meet one’s family, attend any seminar or conference, undergo medical checkups, organ donation procedures, business-related activities, conduct research or pursue a course of study within 6 month’s time.

A detailed purpose of visit on a Standard visitor visa

Depending on the purpose and time duration of your visit, the activities that you can do on a visit visa are as follows

Business work

The visa applicant must prove the visitor has some business work in the UK. The work could include seminars, conferences, contract negotiations.

Pursue academic

If any visa holder is visiting as an academic, he/she must prove the individual is not going on a permanent post as a teacher, work or research related to Ph.D.

Attend any seminar in your field of study or conference

With this visa, the visa applicant can live and pursue academics for up to 12 months in the UK

Donate an organ

Before you arrive in the UK to donate an organ, it must be ascertained:

  1. The person you are donating organs to is a close relative of you. He/she could be best friend or spouse
  2. The application must clearly state that organ donation is allowed in the UK under law.
  3. The person has blood relations with you.

Get a private medical treatment

 If any visa holder is visiting for medical treatment, he/she must prove the individual can afford the treatment cost. The person needs medical treatment in the UK at any private hospital, the individual does not pose any danger of infectious disease in the UK. The individual must ensure to leave the country post-medical treatment.

Pursue  study

This visa will allow you to study for 6 months in a recognised institution in the UK

The individual can take a short study course for up to 6 months

If the stay is longer than 6 months, then they must apply for a  student visa.

Requirements you must fulfill for a visit visa

  • You must have intentions to leave the UK at the end of your visit
  • You should be able to support yourself and dependants(children or spouse) during your trip
  • You are able to bear the cost for your journey (return or onward both)
  • You must not stay in the UK for longer time through frequent visits on this visa
  • you have proof of any business or other activities you want to do in the UK, allowed as per the Visitor Rules

How do I apply for a visit visa?

While making the application, it is also required for you to book an appointment at a visa application centre.

 Your biometric information will be processed, that is, your photograph and fingerprints will be taken.

After making an online application, submitting documents and biometrics, it generally takes up to 3 weeks to get a decision on your visa.

Take legal advice

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