Would you be interested in a Kydex IWB holster for carrying your gun? Discover how IWB Kydex holsters can benefit you before you buy one.

While browsing our collection of concealed carry holsters, you will probably notice that we offer IWB Kydex designs for most popular handguns. You might wonder why we place so much emphasis on IWB Kydex holsters if you’re not familiar with them. How are IWB Kydex holsters better than other options for your concealed carry?

We hear that question quite often, so we would like to share some of the top benefits of buying and using an IWB Kydex holster. Our gun holsters will make a great addition to your collection once you know about the benefits.

1. IWB Holsters Provide Deeper Concealment

As you probably already know, IWB stands for “inside the waistband.” With an IWB gun holster, your weapon remains pressed against your body and covered by your clothing.

You must leave your shirt untucked when wearing an OWB Kydex holster to prevent people from seeing your gun. Whether you prefer your shirt tucked or untucked, an IWB holster conceals your weapon.Whether you prefer your shirt tucked or untucked, an IWB holster conceals your weapon.

The barrel of the gun can also be concealed inside your pants with the aid of an IWB holster.

Most of our Kydex IWB holsters prevent your gun from pressing against your clothes, which makes the weapon’s imprint visible. For further concealment, add a holster claw kit that angles the grip inward and eliminates printing. A gun inside an IWB holster paired with a claw will be hard to spot even for people trained to detect concealed weapons.

2. IWB Holsters let you choose practically any position

You can carry an IWB Kydex holster in virtually any popular carry position, including:

  • Appendix carry
  • Backpack with a small capacity
  • Kidney carry
  • The 3 o’clock position

A high-quality IWB holster allows you to carry in the position that feels most comfortable to you. If you want to improve your speed and accuracy, you can also draw from your preferred position. You can rely on your muscle memory to keep you safe when faced with danger.

You can even move your holster position throughout the day to keep comfortable and meet your security needs with a tuckable holster. Keeping your CCW at the small of your back might make sense when you’re walking, but you wouldn’t want to keep it there for too long when you’re sitting down.

3. Kydex Holsters Can Be Worn Anywhere on Your Belt

The IWB Kydex holsters we manufacture come in two varieties. The belt loop on a regular IWB holster keeps the holster and CCW in place while the belt is threaded through. You can also use a tuckable IWB holster that clips onto your belt and sits inside your waistband. IWB holsters offer some additional security, which is why some people prefer them. Tuckable IWB holsters are popular among other daily carriers because they can remove them when they sit at their desks or enter a place that does not allow firearms.

You can choose from a range of Kydex IWB holsters based on your firearm’s dimensions and features. We offer IWB holsters for firearms like these:

  • Shield M&P from Smith & Wesson
  • 19-round Glock
  • Glock 43X and 43
  • Sig Sauer P365
  • Taurus PT111