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Dante Rossi and Services.

South Australia. Dante Rossi Australian award-winning International male stripper performer as well as entertainer and host. Dante offers numerous male shows that you can even enjoy. Be it a Tame Show ($210 for 10-13minutes), Specialty Show ( $280 for 15-18minutes, double trouble or trio delight ($400 – Duo, $600 – Trio for 12-15 minutes), Live Nude Drawing ( $300 for 30-45 Minutes), Hot Pants Host ( $210 ) and many more can be enjoyed by you simply by requesting for service by visiting the link.

Dante has been working since his late teens and has earned enormous experience.  He is a highly talented entertainer,  performing with a positive attitude has helped him to allure people and earn the title of one of the best male strippers in Australia. The Male stripper in Adelaide, Australia is passionate about his work and maintains professionalism.

Dante Rossi is the creator, original founder, director as well as a former owner of Dante Entertainment which was founded in 2013 but sold in 2018.

Teaching And Learning

Dante was guided, mentored, and taught by Joseph Farrugia. He is still guided by Joseph Farrugia. It is worth mentioning that the male strip club Adelaide South Australia that is led by Dante also provides professional training for aspirants who want to join the adult entertainment industry in Australia.

Male Strip Shows In Adelaide

If you are looking for the best male stripper, best agency, and best dance group in Adelaide Australia then you have selected the correct article that will provide you with in-depth knowledge information regarding Dante Rossi and his agency. Dante Rossi is the one name that comes to mind if one talks about a male strip show in Adelaide.

Let’s glance quickly learn about Dante Rossi and male strip shows in Adelaide Australia.

Dante Rossi and Shows

Dante Rossi Australian adult industry. Dante was the founder and creator of Dante entertainment( founded in 2013 and in 2018 it was sold). He has been working since his late teens and his experience and professionalism have enabled him to earn such fame. Is a popular face in the adult industry of Australia and has been best out with news titles. 

This includes:

● Best Striptease agency 2014

● Alpha male about 2015

● Best male stripper 2015

● Best dance group 2016

Now you can receive numerous services and enjoy a number of male shows choreographed by Dante Rossi. These shows are worth enough to spice up your life and lit the environment. 

The list of shows is given below:

● G string show: for a performance of 10-30 minutes all you have to do is to pay $200.

● Tame show: At the end of the show, he will remove his G String alongside a sneak peek to mark the end of his routine. This is priced at $210. It is a performance of 10-13minutes.

● Specialty Show: The show will cost you $280. The 15-18 minutes performance will end with the bare physique of Dante Rossi.

● Slacks and Bow-tie host: all dressed in black trousers and a bow tie, you need to book for this show for 2 hours.

There are a number of male strip shows in Adelaide, Australia offered by Dante Rossi. You need to visit the link and book your service to experience the unforgettable memories and shows by Rossi.