For a brief time this year, it felt like the pandemic was starting to let up because of the steady decrease in reported cases across the world. You can already feel the freedom as more and more people no longer wore masks while out in public. But because of the new omicron variant confirmed to have entered the states, you have to put your guard up once more to avoid contracting the disease.

For this coming holiday season, some might have already planned their vacations to relax from the stresses of this ending year. Many have booked tropical vacations, guided saltwater fishing tours, log cabin stays, and other outdoor activities. But others might be planning to stay closer to home and invite friends and family over for grand dinner parties to make up for the lost time. To keep everyone safe this holiday season, here are some things to remember before going out and having fun:

Get Vaccinated

Getting fully vaccinated is one of the best ways to protect yourself against the virus. Although it cannot protect you 100 percent from contracting the disease, it can help mitigate the severe effects if it latches onto you. This keeps you safe and the people around you as it helps to prevent the spread of the virus. The vaccines and the booster shots should give you extra protection against these new variants.

Masks and Social Distancing

Like before, masks and social distancing are the most practical approach to avoiding the disease. Socially distancing yourself from people who are not members of your household should help to minimize the risk of contracting the virus. Of course, this will only work if done right and if you stay as far as six feet from others. Masks are there to protect you further as they cover the nose and mouth and possible virus entryways when you are out in public.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Another recommended way of avoiding the virus is constantly disinfecting your hands and the things you will be touching. Especially when you cannot prevent handling items that other people have already touched, you will be safer by wiping them with sanitizing wipes and washing your hands immediately after. Using soap and water is the best way to clean your hands. However, rubbing alcohol or sanitizer should do fine if water and soap are not readily available.

Do Your Research

When booking your accommodations, always do your research. This should involve checking the news a few times before your scheduled trip to see if the area you are going to visit has any recent cases of the disease. You can then decide whether to go or not, depending on what you find. Also, you can contact every destination on your list to ask how they maintain their businesses for their guests’ safety. For example, you can ask them how often they disinfect the building and at what time of day. Most public places will have sanitization processes to keep their guests safe. However, you still have to make personal adjustments for better protection.


Open Space

Experts found that air circulation plays a significant role in how the disease moves around. Open spaces are generally safer because of the excellent airflow than enclosed spaces. On your vacation, always try to keep this in mind, especially when eating in restaurants or engaging in activities where you take off your facial mask.

Keep It Intimate

As much as possible, try to limit your gathering to as small and intimate as possible. This measure should help to prevent the further spreading of the virus. In combination with the other tips, it is acceptable to gather with a few friends and family in your backyard or a public place while still wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. But suppose you can avoid going out altogether. You will always have the option of organizing a virtual meeting to invite as many people as possible without being threatened by the virus whatsoever. This way should be the safest option to keep everyone you love in the best possible health condition.

It is essential always to prepare yourself when going out in public or for your vacation with all these risks. But while keeping up these safety measures, you should still try to enjoy your chosen activities with beloved friends and family. You deserve it all after you already missed the joys of having company during the holidays last year. You might as well cherish these moments with your favorite people.