The University of Glasgow is one of the oldest higher education institutes in the region. From offering basic study programs to undergraduate programs in a vast range of subject areas, the university has progressed a lot. Now, it is offering career-oriented study programs to shape future generations.

The university offers admission at the undergraduate level to local and international students without any discrimination. Moreover, there are more than a hundred programs students can explore according to their interests. However, not all are popular among the students. Exploring a few options can help you identify your interest too.

Keep scrolling down this article to get your hands on the popular undergraduate programs at the University of Glasgow for international students and pick your interests.

Top 7 Undergraduate Programs at University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow offers a wide range of programs at the undergraduate level. The university is trying its best to provide opportunities for learning and development according to the interests of students. The programs are also open to international students.

Here are the major undergraduate programs international students can explore at the University of Glasgow.

1. Digital Media & Information Studies

Digital Media & Information Studies is the most popular undergraduate program at the University of Glasgow. The younger generations are more inclined toward digital and social media and programs. Many international students are also interested in the program, which opens new career opportunities for them. They consult education consultants Islamabad to secure their admission to the program and explore the following areas of study:

  • Digital Media in Cultural Heritage
  • Information Governance, Security and Legislation
  • Digital Sound and Video
  • Multimedia Analysis and Design
  • Data Analysis and Visualization

2. Electronics with Music

Electronics with Music is the next undergraduate program at the University of Glasgow which is getting the attention of many international students. Not many students have the liberty to sacrifice a professional degree for music. Electronics with music program allows them to follow their passion while developing professional expertise. Students enrolled in the program can explore the following areas of study:

  • Analogue and Digital Electronics
  • Electrical Circuits and Computer Systems
  • Listening Through Analysis or Performance
  • Composing With Recorded Sound
  • Interactive Audiovisual Media

3. Human Biology & Nutrition

Human Biology & Nutrition is another notable undergraduate program at the University of Glasgow. A significant part of the world population is struggling with obesity while the rest is fighting malnourishment. The program is designed to prepare future nutritionists who will be able to help people live happy and healthy lives. The program will cover the following areas;

  • Modern Biology
  • Physiology of Body Systems
  • Energy Balance
  • Dietary Assessment
  • Nutrition Epidemiology

4. Marine & Freshwater Biology

Marine & Freshwater Biology is another important undergraduate program at the University of Glasgow. Atmospheric and environmental changes are significantly affecting the climate. Moreover, pollution is disrupting marine life and affecting human beings too. The program is suitable for students interested in preserving marine life. They will be able to explore the following areas of study;

  • Animal Diversity and Classification
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Animal Behavior and Animal Welfare
  • Environmental Management
  • Aquatic Environments

5. Physiology & Sports Science

Physiology & Sports Science is another undergraduate program international students can explore at the University of Glasgow. The world societies have finally reached the point where sports are treated as a science and not just time pass. Preparing the perfect players takes a lot of effort in terms of mental and physical well-being and nutrition. The program will enable interested students to explore the following areas;

  • Exercise and Sport Physiology
  • Nutrition and Psychology
  • Elite Performance
  • Causes and Management of Injury
  • Interactions of Diet and Genetics with Public Health

6. Social & Public Policy

Social & Public Policy is one of the most important undergraduate programs at the University of Glasgow. The dynamics of modern societies are changing significantly, and following the old rules and policies is not suitable. Innovation and development in social and public policies according to the changing standards of society are necessary. The following areas of study will prepare future thinkers to propose better policies:

  • Work, Welfare, and the Politics of Reform
  • Disability and Society
  • Health and Health Inequalities
  • Housing Policy, Welfare, and Markets
  • Active Citizenship

7. Veterinary Medicine & Surgery

Veterinary Medicine & Surgery is the last undergraduate program international students can pursue at the University of Glasgow. World societies are finally becoming kind to the animal populations and trying to make their lives easier. However, a lot of care and improvement is still required to stop the extinction of various species. You can contact education consultants Islamabad to secure admission to the program if you are interested in the following areas of study:

  • Health and Disease in Domestic Animals
  • Animal Breeding
  • Animal-Handling Techniques
  • Disease Investigation and Control Measures
  • Clinical Examination and Clinical Reasoning

Are you well aware of your interests?

If yes, do not waste any time and start your admission process now. Contact professional education consultants if you are confused or stuck at some point.

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