Premature Ejaculation is an intimate problem which men go through. In this problem, men are unable to control their orgasms, and they ejaculate much sooner than they wish to. It can be frustrating as both the partners are not able to enjoy the intercourse. And sometimes it leads to creating problems between them. Men suffering from Premature Ejaculation are generally under confidence, stressed, and worried as they feel extreme pressure while in bed. This sometimes also leads to men not having long-term and meaningful relationships with their partners. The common premature ejaculation reasons are when people are unable to stay long in bed and they ejaculate within a minute o penetration.

Top 10 Premature Ejaculation Reasons that you should Know

A lot of psychological and biological causes can be premature ejaculation reasons. And mostly a combination of both of their problem of premature ejaculation reasons. But with the help of the right treatments and counseling one can successfully cure and get out of the problem of Premature Ejaculation. Researches show that Premature Ejaculation is a common sexual complaint and 1 out of every 3 men suffer from the problem of PE at some point in their lives.

Premature Ejaculation reasons-

As mentioned earlier premature ejaculation reasons can be from Physical and psychological problems. Some of the premature ejaculation reasons are as follows-

  1. If you have been suffering from the problem of Erectile Dysfunction.
  2. Hormonal problems which can be a problem with oxytocin level, which is a important hormone during sexual interactions. Or problems with thyroid stimulating hormones.
  3. Imbalance in Low serotonin or dopamine levels can be a major contributor in PE as they create excitement levels in men.
  4. Penis being extra sensitive to stimulation.
  5. Anxiety of performance in bed which can be due to a new partner or your past experiences. Or can be due to lack of confidence, or other reasons.
  6. Excessive stress and overthinking
  7. Relationship problems or problems in communicating your feelings to your partner.
  8. Depression can also be a premature ejaculation reasons.

Why the reasons for PE should be known-

The premature ejaculation reasons must be known as we can only treat PE if we know the premature ejaculation reasons. Apart from that, it can also be due to an underlying physical disease, which if not is treated in time can cause major problems. The best way to get to know about the premature ejaculation reasons is by going to a doctor and getting yourself checked.

Online medicines which care Effective for Premature Ejaculation –

Ohman portal which takes care of the overall fitness and well-being of a person; suggests some treatments which can be helpful in curing Premature Ejaculation. Some of these treatments do not require a medical certificate to buy; while others need a valid medical prescription.

Medicines that don’t require a prescription-

All Natural Lost Long Pack-

This pack can help you increase stamina and improve timing in bed. This pack has all-natural components to help you with Premature Ejaculation. The pack costs the user 799 INR and lasts for 30 days. You do not require a medical prescription to buy these Erectile Dysfunction Medicines. The pack contains natural medicines, sexual supplements, and an instruction card.

All Natural Lost Long Pack

Winner Cream-

This is the most sold and effective product. The anti-inflammatory properties and pain-killing components help in Premature Ejaculation. The natural botox effect helps in blood flow in the penis. The winner cream costs 350 INR, and you do not need a medical document to buy the medicines. One should apply the cream over the penis 30 minutes before the sexual activity to get the results they want.

Winner Cream

Male Pelvic Toner-

This toner helps in providing toning and strength to the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles play an extremely important role during intercourse. However the toner comes for 5,500 INR and you do not need a medical document to buy the product. One should use this toner daily for 30-60 minutes to get effective results.

Male Pelvic Toner

Ayur Virility Pack-

This pack uses all the natural and plant-based medicines to give you optimum results. The pack contains the delay medicines, mixed herb medicines, health supplements, and an instruction card. The cost of the pack is 1,999 INR, and it lasts for 30 days. However, you do not require a medical document to buy this pack.

Medicines which require a Medical Prescription.

Last Long Pack-

This pack has scientifically proven components that delay ejaculation time. And, you require a certificate to buy this medicine, and one pack works for 30 days. The cost of the pack is 1,399 INR and helps in increasing the time in bed and stamina. The pack contains prescribed medicines, sexologist consultation, health supplements, and an instruction card.

Last Long Pack

Virility Ultra Pack-

The pack uses safe and evidence-based medicines to help you through delaying ejaculation and increasing time in bed. A medical prescription is however required to buy this medicine. One pack of the medicine lasts for 30 days; and the components are prescribed medicines, health supplements, instruction card, and a sexologist consultation. One pack of the medicine costs 2,299 INR.


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