Becoming a lawyer may have been one of the best life decisions you’ve ever made. Almost all lawyers make highly respectable incomes and provide people with much-needed services. While there are few exceptions to this rule, overall, becoming a licensed lawyer has set you up for a wildly successful life.

However, there is one thing that will stand in your way – competition. Did you know that there are almost 1.4 million licensed attorneys in the United States?

With this many legal professionals competing for the same clients, making legal marketing mistakes could prevent you from getting the clients you need to thrive. We want to help. Keep reading for four mistakes you need to avoid when marketing law firms.

1. Not Focusing on the Local Demographic

One of the biggest legal marketing mistakes you could make is neglecting the local demographic of consumers. These are the people who are most likely to call upon your services.

For example, SEO for lawyers is the coding used to drive traffic to your website. Yet, if you’re not using local SEO, the people who will be led to your website are people who aren’t in the right proximity to your business. Therefore, it’s important to use local SEO, local radio ads, local social media ads, etc.

2. Not Opting for Professional Help

If you want your legal marketing strategy to be effective, it’s important to invest in a professional service to help you get your business on the map. While there’s nothing wrong with learning how to do your own marketing, it’s important to recognize how they can help.

Look at it within the scope of your profession. You probably encourage your clients to do their own research but would never advise them to represent themselves when filing lawsuits or defending themselves against legal charges. Therefore, if you’re looking for personal injury clients, invest in professional personal injury lawyer marketing.

3. Not Investing in Your Social Media Presence

Next, let’s look at using social media for marketing law firms. Don’t make one of the worst legal marketing mistakes of neglecting this platform.

The vast majority of Americans use social media, which makes platforms and apps like Facebook, Linked In, Tik Tok, and Instagram ideal places for marketing businesses online. Not only can you use these platforms to define and get in front of your target market, but you can also use them to communicate with potential clients.

4. Not Offering Free Case Evaluations

Finally, there are tons of different legal services, from personal injuries and class action lawsuits to criminal defense. No matter where your specialty lies, you can attract more clients by offering free case evaluations.

While you may be hesitant to give away your valuable time for free, refusing to give free consultations is one of the largest legal marketing mistakes. It will significantly reduce your potential clientele. And yes, you will have people who waste your time, but in the grand scope of things, it will prove beneficial.

Want to Avoid Legal Marketing Mistakes?

Marketing your legal services online provides a vast array of options. While this is certainly encouraging, it also means there is a lot of room for error. Pay attention to the common legal marketing mistakes listed in this article to avoid making them for yourself.

And if you want more marketing tips or business advice, look through some of the other articles on our blog. Our website was created to provide professionals like you with the information they need to excel.