Over thirty percent of people working in the United States run out of money before they get paid. That’s when you might find yourself in a situation where you need extra cash now.

So, what do you do when you’re stuck in a sticky situation? We can help you out.

When you’re looking for ways to make money, there are lots of options for you. Let’s go through what to do when you need cash now.

1. Sell Valuable Items

When you’re short on cash, you can try selling any valuable items around your home. If you may be coming into more money soon, you could look into pawning your items so that you’ll get them back. But, you don’t want to pawn anything that you would be upset about if you didn’t get it back.

And ensure that you’re choosing items that are actually worth it. Electronics, for example, are usually worth good money.

2. Find a Side Hustle

There are side hustles you can do on top of your regular job to help you earn the money you need more quickly. Driving for a ridesharing app, if you have a car, is one good option. So is doing takeout orders for a food delivery app.

These aren’t the only side hustle gigs available to you. Babysitting or petsitting are always popular choices.

In the future, you’ll want to learn more about budgeting so that you don’t end up in the same situation again.

3. Use Your Retirement

If you have a retirement account or a 401K, you can take money out of it during an emergency. You have to follow the rules, though.

Some accounts require you to repay the money within sixty days. If you have questions, ask your accountant for the help you need.

4. Borrow

In a real emergency, you may have to use loans in order to get the money you mean. You can get a cash advance on your credit card, but be forewarned that the interest on these transactions can be very steep.

You can get a payday advance loan, but these loans can be predatory and also may have high-interest rates, so be very careful and do plenty of research. You can also take out a personal loan through your bank.

5. Use Crowdfunding

If you’re truly in a bind, crowdfunding might be your only option. Find a trustworthy website, and start a page. Then, you’ll have to get attention. Make sure your story and needs are clearly explained on the page. If you have any influencers in your life, get them to share it.

Share your post on your own social media pages as well, and get your friends and family to help you out by reposting and adding it to your stories. It may be embarrassing, but in this day and age it’s one of the easiest ways to get money to fulfill your debts or pay in the case of an emergency.

Need Cash Now? Get Started

With these tips, you’ll always have a backup plan when you need cash now. So, There’s no time to waste.

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