If you don’t have enough budget to promote your app, don’t miss this article on app marketing strategies to increase downloads based on this TheTool post. Learn how to increase the visibility of your app, the visits to your product page, and get more installations with very little money.

Strategies to Boost Your App Downloads on a Low Budget

First of all, you should start promoting your app as soon as possible, even if you haven’t launched it yet! In this way, you make sure you already have some active users, which at the same time, will help you reach more users. On the other hand, if you are already in the market but feel like you don’t have enough followers, you definitely need to implement a boost strategy. It never hurts to receive many users at a low cost, right?

We invite you to know the most effective ways to promote your app and generate downloads with a limited budget:

1. App Store Optimization (ASO)

As you already know, a correct App Store Optimization strategy is essential. Optimizing your app listing to increase its visibility in stores and make it attractive to users is always a way to increase the download conversion rate. Optimize before, during, and after the launch of your mobile app or game:

Keywords: Search and find the relevant keywords for your app and get more installations at the same time. Carrying out effective keyword research and proper on-metadata optimization is guaranteed to increase visibility in stores. You can find more information about it in our post about Keyword Research for ASO or buy app install ibuyfans.com/app-downloads .

Artwork: Create an icon that is unique to your product and is both eye-catching and simple. Select screenshots that contain relevant features and attractive features. And, above all, create a video. Users who watch a video about a product are more likely to download and use the app.

Rating and Reviews:  Watch the ratings and reviews because they are very important for the ASO. 4-5 star ratings and positive comments help win user trust.

2. Own Channels

Make good use of all the channels you have under your control. If you have a website, it is essential that you use it to inform users about your app and the benefits they can have with it. Add the download links of your app on your website in spaces where users can see them. You can also send newsletters, which is always a very powerful channel to inform users about the new features of your product. Promote your app on all your social media profiles. It’s free and you can create campaigns inviting users to discover and download your app or game. But do not focus only on naming your app, create attractive banners and select your audience well. Think carefully about the functionalities of your app and plan how to present them and attract users with them. Social media profiles help new products go viral, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

3. Influencer Marketing

Getting in touch with influencers is a good strategy, you can reach many more users thanks to them. When we follow influencers, we have a tendency to copy everything they do and use. Do you want more users? This is one of the most effective ways; Influencers can help you promote your app or game.

4. Word of mouth

Get the most out of word of mouth. You can ask your family and friends to promote your app, make a post on social networks, and/or spread your app through them. There are many ways to push your users to promote your app, here are some examples:

Ask your users to spread and share with their friends the features of the app or their achievements in it. Organize contests and create prizes for them. Encourage them to invite friends and give them a treat in return.

5. Encourage user feedback

Make sure you implement effective communication with your users. Study their behavior in relation to your app or game and discover the perfect moment when they would be willing to give you useful feedback. As I have mentioned before, Ratings and Reviews are very important for app stores (both App Store and Google Play), so you should make sure you get positive feedback and avoid negative ones. Fortunately, developers can now respond to feedback, showing users that they care about their feedback and are working on improving features. Keep in close communication with your audience so you can guide them to leave positive reviews and ratings in stores or send them to the support page if they have bad experiences while browsing your app.