When it comes to running a trucking company, your rigs are going to get dirty along the way. While water may do the trick in a pinch, it is not enough when it comes to stains caused by road grime and dirt.

In order to keep your trucks clean and your drivers safe, it’s important to invest in the right soap. 

However, not all soaps are compatible with large trucks and some may contain chemicals that react negatively to the vehicle surface. Before you buy soap to keep your fleet clean, look for washing soaps that are truck-friendly.

Instead of having to scour the internet for the best truck wash soaps, here is a list of products you should consider! Investing in the best truck wash soap will help protect your truck’s exterior and interior from dirt and damage.

1. Chemical Guys Citrus Wash

Citrus is often used in cleaning agents due to its acidity and ability to eradicate germs. It also contains d-limonene which easily cleans dirt and grease without leaving behind a grimy residue.

This truck wash by Chemical Guys is a citrus-based soap that includes ingredients to give it a thick foam. The thick foam will help you cover a wider range of area dirt when cleaning your commercial trucks.

An added benefit of this soap is that it contains biodegradable ingredients so the formula is environmentally friendly. 

Chemical Guys Citrus Wash works as a polish enhancer, shampoo, and paint cleanser and is suitable for any kind of truck!

2. Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wash and Wax

Mothers California Gold can be used between regular waxing to give your fleet a shine while dissolving and removing stubborn road film and grime. 

This formula is biodegradable and pH-balanced so it will give your trucks a well-maintained finish. It also rinses off with little effort.

This all-in-one soap is a great way to easily and quickly clean, shine, and protect your fleet’s surfaces.

3. Zep Professional Truck Trailer Wash

Zep is a well-known provider of cleaning solutions and offers top-of-the-line cleaning products. Their Truck Trailer Wash was created for commercial truck washes to remove dirt, grime, bug residue, and germs from the trucks’ surfaces.

The best part? Zep Professional Truck Trailer Wash does this all in one application!

Simply mix the Zep wash with water, apply, and rinse. This product doesn’t require scrubbing or brushing. Its concentrated formula produces ample suds so your truck cleaning can be done quickly and efficiently.

4. RTX-9 All-Purpose Cleaner-Degreaser

This cleaner and degreaser is a great choice when you own a huge fleet of trucks. Its formula is safe, economical, and effective. 

You can use RTX-9 on both the interiors and exteriors of your fleet including engines, grilles, and bumpers as well as seats, tires, and wheels.

RTX-9 is water-based and biodegradable so it’s safe for you, your drivers, your trucks, and the environment. 

5. ALUMA-BRITE Aluminum Brightener

While most of the truck soaps on this list are multi-purpose, ALUMA-BRITE is formulated specifically for your truck’s aluminum surfaces.

Truck wash soaps can keep your fleet’s aluminum surfaces clean but in order to really make them shine, you need a product that combines acid-type cleaners with wetting agents.

This aluminum brightener cleans and deoxidizes your fleet’s trailers to get rid of oxide and exhaust deposits.

6. Green Prairie Salt Shield

If your fleet operates in a colder climate, it’s likely that your trucks have had the misfortune of running into road salt.

While road salt is imperative to help your trucks gain traction on icy roads (and keep your drivers safe), it can wreak havoc on your truck’s metal parts, especially the undercarriage.

Since water alone is not enough to remove road salt stains, a road salt remover such as Green Prairie Salt Shield is necessary to avoid salt-related damage.

This salt shield creates a barrier that adds an extra layer of protection to your trucks’ surfaces.

Truck Cleaning Tips

Once you have found the perfect truck wash soap to keep your fleet clean, there are some tips you can follow to ensure that your efforts are effective and efficient:

  • Clean your fleet on a regular basis. Keeping your trucks clean will help keep mechanical components in good shape and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Keep up with regular cleaning during the wetter seasons. The accumulation of dirt and grime, especially on mirrors, windshields, and headlights, can create a safety risk for your drivers.
  • Consider investing in a pressure washer to avoid the time and effort it takes to clean your fleet by hand.

Effective Cleaning for a Safer Fleet

Keeping your fleet of trucks clean means so much more than a shiny finish!

But if you find it difficult to manage regular cleaning – whether you don’t have the time or resources – there are always truck washing services like https://www.canadianmobilewash.com/fleet-cleaning available to lighten your load!

Companies like Canadian Mobile Wash are dedicated to providing truck owners with peace of mind knowing that their trucks are thoroughly washed on a regular basis.