Dangers of Using Putlocker

Putlocker is any of the various internet file-sharing index sites used for sharing online media, most notably movies and television shows, for free. The site originated in the United Kingdom in early 2021, after the closure of Megaupload. At that time, it was a unique service that differentiated it from other similar services available at the time. Unlike other similar services that required users to download videos or games to their computers before being able to enjoy them, Putlocker allowed users to upload movies and shows directly to their home computers, without having to make any modifications to their systems.

While it had a few drawbacks – not many people used it or found the service easy to use – it didn’t take long for it to grow into a household name as one of the leading internet services for sharing media across the globe. It’s currently valued at over $1 billion, making it one of the biggest online money makers.


The first of the major advantages of putlocker was its price. Unlike the other sites like YouTube or Netflix where watching free movies for your PC can be a bit of a challenge because they’re often region-specific, Putlocker offered thousands of movies in thousands of different categories, allowing you to choose what to watch based on popularity, actor/actress popularity, or movie genre.

You could browse through a list of recent releases, new releases, classics, or anything else you felt like browsing. Plus, you had instant access to favorite TV shows, sports events, trailers, and even full seasons of popular TV shows and movies. By streamlining the process for downloading content, putlocker simplified the process for choosing and watching content on the fly.

But that was the primary advantage of putlocker, not its affordability. That growth gave it the ability to build a loyal user base with consumers who’d already installed the software and are now enjoying their subscription to channels they never thought they’d get to enjoy.

But what putlocker didn’t account for was how vulnerable its servers were, leaving it open to all types of cybercriminals who’d be willing to attack it and steal its customers’ personal information to use for online credit card transactions. Stealing the identity of its subscribers is a common practice among cybercriminals and has put the company into dire straits, having to make millions of dollars worth of refunds and compensations just to keep on surviving.

Other VPN providers

Like many other VPN providers, putlocker was vulnerable to hackers who’d often go through the website and server’s network to get to the free movies and TV shows servers. Because it wasn’t properly encrypted and wasn’t designed to withstand heavy attacks, it became easy for the hackers to compromise and take down the site. In the end, they took down the website and server, but they left behind several viruses and malware to ensure that it would be easy for others to attack. These “virus” programs were later responsible for at least a half dozen arrests of Internet marketers involved in selling and distributing the free movies and TV shows.

While there has been no evidence of any damage done to subscribers’ computers as a result of this attack, the damage was irreparable. Many people who had paid for the service lost a lot of money and needed to make a fresh start. There have been efforts to reverse the situation, but it appears that they have not been successful. Until recently, there was no other option available other than to transfer everything over to another VPS or virtual private server (VPS). That solved one problem but created several more. The other problem is that VPSs are extremely expensive and most businesses simply don’t have the budget for them.

All in all, it seems that the only way to fix the mess is to go back to the drawing board and to figure out a way to make putlocker securely compatible with several different types of VPS and to provide complete security. So far, the best advice seems to be to download content from sites that offer it for free, then use an encrypted version to make it available to customers. This may be a solution that finally brings an end to the problems with using putlocker. However, it will take time because there is no clear vision for the future. Until then, it’s wise to keep downloading from safe VPS sites.