It’s estimated that there are 1.86 billion websites on the internet and it’s not difficult to let your content get lost in the shuffle. The internet is already overloaded with social media and all the internet’s wealth of information. We looked around the web and came up with seven tools you can utilize to make your brand stand out and keep your customers engaged.

Mangools’ SERP Simulator

The majority of online users begin their journey with Google. The SERP is where you can begin to pique the attention of users. The aim of a well-written Meta description and title tags is to convert people to users. After looking through your title and meta you want them to feel you’ve provided exactly what they’re searching for. The objective is to incorporate the three main components of a successful Meta description and title tags: using the appropriate keywords, providing valuable details to the users about what you can do to help to their issue and then an appealing message that includes an attractive CTA.

All of this can be accomplished using Mangools SERP simulator, a free tool. It lets you view the title tag as well as the URL and meta description within the results for search. The simulator can help you find the title and the description, and URL of any website. Simply enter the URL, and then click “Fetch Data”. You can also use to use the “Capitalize” box to capitalize the initial letter of every name in the text. This improves the visual impact of your text. Another benefit of the software is the fact that it allows you to examine the length of your Meta description and title tags. The simulator will ensure that you don’t have your meta tags and title tags cut down to display your information on the SERP in full.

Softwarer’s Web Notice (Announcement) Generator for Bars

Congratulations! You’ve succeeded in bringing visitors to your site. What next? It is important to grab their attention with, lets say sale, promo or other exciting information, CTA to make them remain on your site for a long time.

The best method for doing this is by using Softr’s website announcement bar creator tool. A notification bar can be described as an instrument to display a custom message on top of your site. This tool allows you to swiftly design a notification bar on your site that you can customize according to your preference. There are many options for customization to make the design of the banner to match your brand and style.


UX experts understand that people respond to any movement. Animations can help you get the attention of your people who are using your site, wherever you have valuable and intriguing details.

The most popular tool to create animated texts is Animation.css. It is the most simple tool to use to generate animated text. Animate.css is a basic library of cross-browser-based animations which are utilized in a myriad of ways. It is able to tackle everything from simple bouncing and fading to unique twists and effects that can be used in virtually every project.

If you’re looking to have access to an even more powerful tool then we suggest Anime.js. Anime.js is a compact JavaScript animation library that provides an easy but robust API. CSS property types, SVG, DOM attributes as well as JavaScript objects are all supported. The built-in system is able to simplify complicated follow-through animations and overlapping. This can apply to timers and properties.


The goal of grabbing attention of the user must always be a process that builds up to the CTA that is uninterrupted. When we talk about interruptions, we usually refer to slow side speed. Insufficient site speed is among the primary reasons for excessive bounces.

In addition to speed of your site and performance, there’s another crucial element you should think about when designing your site to be attractive and user-friendly. The good news is that you do not need to employ a multitude of tools to have everything included. You can instead make use of GTmetrix. GTmetrix is a performance monitoring and analysis tool that lets you examine the performance of your site and find areas that require improvement. The program will check your site frequently and monitor its performance. If your website isn’t performing it can be set up to send an alert that will notify you. They’ll even provide you with complete reports so that you be able to pinpoint exactly what went wrong. You can also monitor the speed at which your site is loading on various devices and the performance all over the world.

In the end getting your visitors excited and convincing them to convert can be accomplished in only few seconds. There is no need for huge and intricate changes made on your site for it to be more attractive. All you require is the information you already have and some minor tweaks every now and then. If you have any additional ideas that could be implemented within the first 7 seconds, inform us in the comments below.