In the past couple of years there has been significant amount of talk of digital revolution and the implications it signifies for various industries. Though the definitions for the meaning of this transformation are as diverse as the industries, they all describe the process through where certain industries substitute analog processes with digital ones to enhance the efficiency of their operations or customer service.

In this light this, it’s clear the reason why marketing is one of the sectors that took the most severe damage from this digital tsunami. Marketing’s goal is to establish the most possible channels of interaction and define the complete customer journey. Digital technology can influence positively almost all of these points. Buy Facebook likes in UK for better business together.

Let’s look at how the digital transformation is transforming marketing in the present and what’s the significance SEO plays in SEO in this transformation.

Controlled at a higher level and greater control over granulation

We’d like to begin with the statement that the greatest consequence of the digital revolution regarding marketing is the awe-inspiring amount of control as well as granulation that modern marketers can access. In the time in the age of the mass media, the aim for marketing is to spread the widest possible net, and to provide messages that attract a wide range of people. Modern analytics offer marketers more flexibility in deciding who they want to reach and advanced analytics tools that give more complete outcomes. All of this creates a large degree of granularity, and allows for an individualized marketing strategy.

SEO is changing the nature of marketing

The fact that Google can have a huge influence on the way companies interact with their audience is an overstatement. In the present it is estimated that 93 percent of all traffic to websites begins by searching. Achieving a high rank on the SERP is an absolute goal for every business. But, with more than 200 ranking factors involved, Google has changed how the whole process of optimisation is carried out. Modern SEO agencies such as Sky9SEO works to increase the visibility of specific brands and to provide quality information and a superior user experience. In this way, marketing actions can create an entirely different and more profitable online footprint than advertisements paid for.

A better integration of channels

Marketers have always sought to integrate the outcomes of various marketing channels within the same frame. With the advent of digital marketing we’ve finally reached the point where these different platforms effectively communicate with the same language. This allows us to approach them using the same tools for analysis and see how they affect each other, and create an integrated approach to the problem. Additionally, consulting companies such as HTEC company do amazing work in giving small and medium enterprises the tools with the tools needed to adapt to digital change, so the advantages of this approach are being made available to all businesses to all.

Personalization and enhanced customer experiences

These advantages are an outcome of the flexibility and control we discussed in the preceding sections. However today, internet users leave an electronic trail that could be used to create targeted marketing messages and providing different content to every user. This method is beneficial to everyone who are involved in the process as the results of a research study revealed that 71% of the respondents would prefer to receive advertisements that were tailored to their interests and habits. This is so much that 44 percent of them would be willing to share personal data to receive more customized marketing content.

Sales funnels that are complex allow for more flexibility in adjusting

The sales funnel is an array of steps the potential buyer must go through from their initial introduction to the product through the purchase. In the past, marketing managers had no influence on the procedure. They could just mass-produce marketing material and distribute it hoping for the most effective results. The advent of technology in the digital age has made sales funnels significantly more complicated. Nowadays they’re usually broken down into the following phases:

The foundations of interactivity

Not to be left out not least, we’d like to highlight one of the major innovations that came with the advent of digital marketing. That is interactivity. In contrast to the traditional marketing channels such as newspapers and television, which gave consumers a very limited selection and no choice, today the consumers must decide what they will utilize the content, and when and with whom they’re planning to publish the content. In addition, influencers can make comments, offer suggestions, and participate with their own advertising campaign. This level of interaction was almost impossible when it was actively encouraged by referral programs.

These a few instances will give you an understanding of the forces that are shaping the current marketing industry as a result of the digital revolution. The most important thing to remember here is that the shift to a digital arena hasn’t just changed the techniques used to market however, it has changed the core of the industry has also changed. However there is a general belief that the full possibilities of marketing using digital technology has until now maintained its integrity. One way to determine where the industry will be heading is to watch and wait.